What's Your Title?

I’ve been using “Obliterator” (win 250 VS matches) for a few weeks now.

List your current / favourite titles!

Can’t remember it clearly but I have the Solus bound one. Like the hobo one though :smiley:

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‘Fours sensitive’

Have yet to see anyone else with it.

E-peen: 9,000 inches


The title I like to use is the Short Temper title. I use it cause i think its funny, true, and i dont recall ever seeing anyone else use it. :grin:

I change mine a lot. I have “Shard Pirate” equipped atm. Toddler Play Time is cool too.

There are soooooo many funny titles!

I am a fan of Nobody Node. But I usually play with Legend, Season Pass Holder (so intimidating) or the most recent one I got. When I play with my friend Nate, I always change it to Revenge-i-nate. My main goal with titles is to troll

i like to show people that i will destroy them so my title is master of pendles

Master of Minions - to show off my ultimate skillz!!!

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I’m a fan of nope nope nope. I like the ones that are odd and not seen often :slight_smile:

The Kemessian.

Mostly because I didn’t want to change it until I get Master of Caldarius.

And then I got it.

And I still haven’t changed it.

@FlamesForAll one of these days we should see about getting the Old Man Cranky title. I think it would be hilarious if it was possible to have a full 5 man pvp group of Kleese with everyone using that title. Everyone would pick 1 spot to camp and just defend that one spot. Who cares if they lost since they wouldn’t move from there spot.


Got it a looooong time ago buddy!

Then get it for me. lol

Currently: Master of Rath

Warlord , but hopefully I´m a Valkyrie soon.

Title I strife for: MEDICINAL USE ONLY because its hilarious^^
I might never get it though, far to bad in PvP…


I usually use Unkillable.

One of my friends still thinks I don’t have worthy of song, so he brings it up a lot and I’m just silently trolling him.

Currently: Master of Phoebe.

Tried Technocrat, but doesn’t look good somehow. Tried some of the others, but didn’t seem to resonate.

I really wanted some cool ones like “The Diplomat” or “The Exalted”.

I change mine like every game by alphabetical order.

…I have all these things so I mostly want to use them.


When I saw there was actually a title called Hobo, I decided I would be a Hobo for life. I have not changed it.

I’d like to think it gives me a psychological edge in PvP, now that I’m CR 100.

“Why is this CR 100 guy still using such a basic title? Is he just a scrub, or is he trying to trick us into thinking he’s a scrub when he’s actually a lethal PvP ace? Is he an ACTUAL hobo, playing Battleborn from the back of a train car he’s hopped onto? Is he eating baked beans straight from a can? Is he a friendly hobo, or an insane hobo? Will he ride the rails to my house and beat me up hobo-style if I kill him in the game? Will he use the secret hobo code to mark my house for hobo vengeance now and forevermore?”

#hobo4lyfe #secrethobospices #rockingthebindle #ironicuseofhashtags