What's your typical loadouts when levelling Gaige?

I only got Gaige to level 17, inventory management seems a big issue for me (being a horder make it worse)

Just wondering what’s the typical layout for levelling so that I can make the what to keep what to sell decision better.


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Unless you have a mule with good gear, you’ll be using whatever you find. But the things that I keep an eye out for are Jakobs shotguns, Maliwan pistols and Maliwan or Hyperion SMG’s. Anything that has a fairly small mag size is useful when you’re speced in Anarchy. The guns I mentioned also hit hard. If you spec in Blood Soaked Shields (BSS), you should keep an eye out for shields with high capacity or nova shields with high nova damage.

Pretty soon, you’ll be getting a mission called “Rakkaholics Anonymous”. If you turn it in to Moxxi, she will reward you with a pistol, the Rubi. Keep it! It’s useful for healing yourself. Especially if you spec in BSS, as that will chip away on your health for every kill you make. The level of the gun is irrelevant. It will still heal you if you wield it while you deal damage to an enemy (or an ammo crate :laughing: Yes, that actually works!).


Guess I might have use too many golden keys :smile:

I just got one nice purple Coach Gun, sound like will keep it for a while.

I’m following this [Build] Cykotr0n's The Shocking B!tch . for levelling, so far mainly in BFF tree + Anarchy, will definitely get Rubi (or other Moxxi weapon before I get BSS though.

Thanks for your advice!


That build will do the job! Just keep in mind that while you’re leveling, you sometimes have to adjust to the gear that you pick up. Don’t get hung up on farming for those specific items, unless you really, really want them. Leveling and End Game are two very different animals.


Agreed with Ronnie - there’s no point farming for very specific items. Many of the blue uniques that you wouldn’t necessarily want at max level can be grabbed along the way, even if that means farming a few side quest reward turn-ins until you get a shock variant.

And there are plenty of easy-to-access red chests (along with the train in the Mercenary Day pack) that can be hit for useful gear. Heck, I’ve run with white or green rarity shields while levelling simply because they had better stats despite having a ton of gear to hand down from other characters. It’s all good!