What's your wishlist for the DLC story missions? (locations/styles/objectives)

OTHER than getting them RIGHT NOW.

Looking at the info for Ekkunar, I saw the mention of deserts and arid savannahs. Given that I’ve found every single environment absolutely gorgeous, really hoping we get to see Gearbox’s take on deserts.

I’d also like to see other NPCs, perhaps other races and inhabitants (cloaked/mysterious desert traders eh?!) that get involved with the completion of the mission.

Lets top that off with the much requested horde mode, and how about some moving buildables?

A full-scale war/siege on a desert-based map against “some enemy” where each player can recruit/build a portion of the army among multiple choices. Lastly I’d have several hidden objectives/areas that offer unique bonuses. In general the map would be a bit more open than our current missions.

Think, old-school Alterac Valley in WoW, but with deserts, and badasses, and this game.

Can you fit that into a nice 30-45 minute chunk? Maaaaybe, maybe not. Still sounds fun to me though.

What would you like?

New tile sets. The mission loading screen appears to indicate there are more planets around Solus.

Random rare and powerful spawn enemies with legendary loot drops in story missions.

Raid boss scale encounters


I think I mentioned this, but there’s mention in Attikus’ lore about the Thrall Rebellion in the story, and even how the Battleborn took part in aiding it. I really think that is a story that can be told, especially because Attikus is one of the more ignored characters in the overall story as-is.

Also, more story mission focus on the Rogues. They’re the least important faction in the overall narrative right now.


I’d like to see more character pieces covering the background stories of the Battleborn. One example would be the mission where Reyna saved Whiskey Foxtrot, as mentioned in her lore. I’d like to see missions really dig more into the backgrounds of the Battleborn so we can live more of who they were, rather than just getting that through lore unlocks.

Aside from that? No more missions involving snow or ice, I think they’ve used up their budget for that aesthetic all ready, since even some of the Ekkunar missions involve snowy locales.


I support this notion 100 per cent. I’d love to see more of Attikus’s personal history, too.

Edit: Sorry about typos like ‘all ready,’ my brain does that. I think it’s due to my autism. I’m actually really bad about contractions, and I’ll just not write them in because to my mind my writing ‘flows better’ without them, but I know I can wirte in a way that’s verbose and alien to a lot of people, it’s come up in a lot of communities, which is why I have such neuroses and nervousness.

It’ll even happen with words that have longer forms that don’t even necessarily mean the same thing, such as already to all ready. I need to get better about that, trying to correct it where I can. Leaving it in this post though as an example, just wanted to explain why it is that I do that. I know it can be weird.


I pretty much have the same sort of wishlist as @shaman.wulf it would be great to do some background story ones even if they are short. There are a lot of the battleborn who help each other previously so it would be great to witness that.

I’d like some new objective modes as well but I can’t think of an example of anything new right now but i’m sure there is something.

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If I’ve read and heard correctly, Empress Lenore (spelling?) is still alive just lost in a varelsi void. I think it would be pretty sweet to have a mission where you go into a varelsi void and find her. A varelsi world or realm would be pretty trippy and unpredictable. So long as they don’t copy and paste a weaker conservator as a final boss cough The Experiment cough

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I’d like them to expand the main storyline. I felt a little unclear and unfulfilled with it but if it were continued to the point of what we’very played so far representing 2/3 or half the story arc I think it would be redeemed alittle. I realize the fat is in the fire on that front so we get whatever we get but I hope whatever it is it fleshes out the BB universe a little more.

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Also something equivalent to an invincible raid boss.

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  • I’d love to have a story mission that re-enacts Attikus’ ascent from the pits. In his lore it says that he had help from the Battleborn when he and his thrall brethren decided to rebel against the Jennerit for the third and final time, this time successfully claiming their freedom and Attikus earning his place among the ranks of the Battleborn.

DAMMIT you beat me to it…I didn’t see your comment.

Missions within the Detritus Ring would definitely be welcome as well.

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New and unique enemy bots/bosses.
Info on the verelsi and what they’re running from.
New worlds.
More diverse dialogue.
New things to do besides defend sentries or points.
Survival/horde mode.
More info about this universe
Pop culture jokes.
Faction battles (before the battleborn).

And more that I can’t think of at 12:30 am.


Constant pace - no bullsh*t “defend the point” and “escort” crap, and no slow sections where you gotta stop moving…

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A mission on the LLC Armada and the Detritus Ring seem very likely
Personally I’d like to see Planet Mike, or have a totally left-field mission that goes all-out with the narrative like Borderlands 2’s Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep


Tower Defense!

I would like to see a legitimized Vs AI mode for the current pvp modes. I say “legitimized” because I would like them to count for lore/masteries/unlock requirements so that I don’t actually have to do any pvp. Although they will probably need to buff the AI bb up a bit in the health/shield/global damage department (which is simple) if they don’t have the time or resources to make them smarter (which is complicated).

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Not sure how feasible or plausible it is but yeah maybe raid encounters and bosses and challenges, like what they have in destiny. I would like a really big and powerful raid boss or bosses and missions/raids introduced just to give it another element other then just PvP or the story missions we have all played a zillion times (even tho they are fun and I like them).


I would like to see small, probably single-player bites where you play a character in their back story, ie: Whiskey going awol before being adopted by Reyna, or Attikus escaping Jennerit containment, or possibly Mellka fighting 9 conservators! Just a thought…

And yes, I wanna do a mission about that third Thrall rebellion. Friendly thrall and sustained Jennerit, HO!


Pretty awesome ideas throughout. Lotta love for the lore hooks we have currently in game. Think I’d be up for a tower defense focused map as well.