Whelp....they did it

I guess it didn’t matter that the game had seen a resurgence…

Many more players actually playing again

Mucho experimentation…

Doors open that were closed before…

They went ahead and “fixed” just a whole bunch.

Only time will tell…I guess
Not gonna lie…

Here we go again…

Fingers crossed…

I don’t understand what you’re getting at? The nerfs? They were needed, and it was obvious. The resurgence, if the game was left how it was, would have been short lived. It’s like playing the game with a trainer… gets super boring the longer you play with one. Just not fun.

I’m looking forward to playing after the patch.


Korben I love ya bud…but I just disagree…

But I have not played yet under the new patch so maybe it will be “fine”…

I’m hoping, fingers crossed…got my rabbits foot out and m rubbing it hard.


We shall soon see! lol

If Moze goes back to being useless, I’m done. Nerfs were definitely not needed for IB given how weak and squishy she is compared to the rest.


I mean… they did get rid of 21 annointments tho :flushed:

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Didn’t the patch notes say IB wasn’t touched? Just moze class mods? @tnpeter

He wasn’t touched but there was still at least one unnecessary nerf which mostly affected IB players (although I don’t think that this was their intention).

Didn’t work they are still dropping for me.

Yeah I saw someone else mention that. I haven’t been able to play yet.
Might see another hotfix later today if those are still dropping.

This new patch won’t let me play. Dash boards me Everytime I try. Sucks man I’m bout to give up on this game

all my whining on the forum actuallyworks out , HAHA . but still, before any level cap info release im not gonna play it in serious manner

Highly recommend making the jump to PC

I have not played yet but I strongly suspect that fire in the Scagg den and short fuse got seriously adjusted.

There was a veiled language paragraph about unintended damage that is going to be their catchall methinks.

I don’t have the patch notes in front of me as I am away from my PC right now.

But there is a paragraph that just jumps out at you.

Maybe make a thread after playing it?

Speculative disappointment isn’t the making of a great topic.