When am I suppose to start farming legendaries?

Someone told me to start at 50, 70, and OP8 but that doesnt make sense, what if by the time i reach those certain levels the bosses required to farm them are lower levels than me?

Right when you start the game. Knuckle Dragger can drop a no level Legendary Hornet.

In UVH none of them will be lower level than you. Unless im mistaken.

Fair enough. I was just told to farm before UVHM because having legendaries going into it makes it a lot easier

Certain legendaries can definitely help out, but at the very start they’ll only be level 50 (from TVHM), and you can quite quickly find yourself out-levelling their usefulness. Honestly, there are plenty of blue and e-tech weapons you can get relatively easily from red chests, along with the purples by using golden keys, so it’s not worth spending hours farming. In BL2, max level is 72 which is a good time to farm. Again, if you’re going to do the overpower levels, I wouldn’t spend a lot of time farming every conceivable weapon, as you’ll need to replace them before you hit OP 8. Pick a few things that look like they’ll work well for your character and build (check the “Top Gear” thread for your character in the relevant BL2 sub-category) and move on until you’ve reached the level you want to stop at, then farm to your heart’s content.

finish main story in tvmh.open uvhm.then go back into tvhm and all missions set at 50.(except for mercenary day).you’ll keep leveling but you can farm 50s to your hearts content.

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Farming the hardest to get stuff when you reach level cap in UVHM (72 or OP8 depending on what you prefer to play; imho OP8 is good fun to test yourself and your group but gets dull in time because only a small percentage of gear and skills is viable at that level) is what most people do because a legendary gets underwhelming in performance if you outlevel it by 10 levels.

Nonetheless, I’d strongly recommend against waiting until end game for farming because it’s fun. You might not want get everything while you’re still leveling, but why not give every boss a few tries as you reach them in the story? Even if you just do 5-10 runs on each boss (in fact I’d suggest moving along as soon as you get bored or frustrated while you’re still leveling and save the farm for endgame if you really want that item), chances are you’ll end up with quite a lot of stuff and have some good fun with the items throughout the game.

Farm stuff whenever you like. Every time I start a new game I farm knuckle dragger for a hornet, that’s more because I’ll usually just for the extra levels though but I’ll do a couple of runs of the loot midgets in play through one just to see what in can get, partly because a decent legendary at that level will be of use through the rest of that play through I can also use them for other characters, it’s also partly because it’s like being a kid and opening a pack of trading cards and being excited about what you might get.

That said though I did most of my farming at top level to really buff my characters.

i short farm in uvhm just for good combat weapons.i grind farm for collector gear at specific lvls.

I tend to farm legendaries once I make it to TVHM. Granted they are limited in functionality after a couple of level ups it is still fun to get those legendary weapons and use them when you can.

I don’t send an absurd amount of time farming until level 50 - 55 however.

Every new character (or playthrough) I’ll hit up Savage Lee for a Harold as soon as he becomes availible. The Harold lasts a good 10+ levels which will carry me until more good weapons open up.

This was simpler back when the game launched, haha. When the level cap was 50, we would of course look for level 50 (max) versions of all the good legendary weapons/gear. Farming before then was not really worth it, and at the time there was no “later” point either. And so many launch players had a nice collection of level 50 stuff. Since the Handsome Collection versions are launching now with both level cap increases already in place, there won’t ever be a point at which you stop leveling. At least not until 72 (where you must choose if/when to go for OP levels.)

While trying to get Jimmy Jenkins to show up (on the Doctor’s Orders sidequest,) replaying BL2 on PS4 now - it took me a couple hours of trying. In the time I killed all those loot midgets, I ended up getting probably 15+ legendary items. Mind you they were level 20s, scaled to that point in playthrough one, but you could say I “inadvertently farmed legendaries” for a while that night haha. I plan to keep them after they’ve outlived their usefulness and either transfer to another character or give them to friends of mine making their way through PT1 as well.

Hi quick question on farming, my wife and I pla PS3 version a while ago and got to op8 got bored so stopped, we have started playing on ps4 and started completely from scratch to get that new game feeling once again, but struggling to find any legendary items, can someone please tell me has there been any change to loot drop rates for ps4 or is it still all the same?

All the same.