When are hotfixes going to become updates?

Having internet issues lately, and its surprising how many fixes only work while online.

Weapon buffs, stability, consistent weapon anointments, all gone if the net can’t connect properly.

I get that online means they can track activity, which I’m fine with, but I’d rather not have to shelve build tests and farming when my internet is on the fritz.

Hotfixes generally get rolled into the next patch. The November 9th patch broke a lot of stuff that requires a patch to fix so hopefully the next patch is not too far off.

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Unfortunately, that won’t help timed events (like the current one). And I suspect the internet is going to be wobbly for a bit longer with a number of places going back into lockdown. I’ve had several disconnects from XBLive just in the past week. Always been able to sign right back in again, but that’s been an extremely rare thing to happen where I am over multiple years before now.

I can understand missing timed events, but I’m more bothered that my weapon buffs disappear and my M11 drops come without anointments.


[PS4] Is there a patch coming soon for the Arms Race Extraction glitch? I have played the new mode a couple of times now and although I have gotten legendary drops, the extraction beacon has not successfully transferred any of the drops to my bank. In fact, the reason I’m even posting this is that when I test the extraction today I saw the number of bank space revert back to the original number before the new item was added. The moment I pressed “Extract” , I saw the number show 125/300 (which is the new item being added) revert back to 124/300. The item was not in my bank and basically, my time was wasted. So is there a patch coming for this and for the lag issue in the new map?

when was the last time when there were no hotfixes active? I don t remember anymore, I think this game is no longer playable offline. Given the amount of bugs new hotfixes will most certainly replace the ones that will be made into next patch

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Honestly no idea; ballpark answer - launch day?
Though according to the november 9th patchnotes “nativised hotfixes”; that somehow didnt include 80% of said fixes

It doesnt hurt a couple of my builds; only hurts farming new items for me

It has been unplayable offline since before DLC1.

Gesrbox already has your money.

Gearbox doesn’t care about you, me, or any of us.

Borderlands 3 has been a psychological test to see how much abuse consumers are willing to put up with before deeming what the corporation dubs as their “goods” and “services” as what they truly are:
“bads” and “machinations”.

At BEST this game was a badly wrought, bug, glitch, and crash ridden dumpster fire of a cash grab, exploiting the good name of the series that was generated by far better teams of devs long gone from the employee roster at Gearbox.

But hey - Pitchford got millions upon debased millions.

Sucks for the rest of us, eh? Better just suck it up and go buy another $30 cash grab composed of nerfs to old gear coupled with a few NEW OP pieces of kit, and just keep hoping for all of the bugs from Day 1 onward to be fixed. Hope is good, right? Ooooooh… look-it - EVEN MORE gamebreaking bugs in the newest DLC! When you hit me, hit me HAAAARD-UH! But at least there is offline oh wait.

It is why I am done with Gearbox, full stop.

Bruh, it’s really not that bad.

They make free events, release frequent patches and fixes, and listen to community feedback.

I understand where you’re coming from on some of these points, but I guarantee it isn’t that bad.

They never listen to “community feedback”.

Not in any positive fashion, at least.

And the game is a broken, unplayable mess… IF IT IS NOT LIVE.

I really do not see how anyone can defend this, much less attempt to justify it.