When are there going to be more shift codes?

I sure would like some more golden keys. When do you think they release more shift codes?

They are pretty random, I think the last ones were part of the gifts of mayhem, 2/3 weeks ago, just keep an eye on the forum there is plenty of threads that update them as soon as they are out :+1:

I get mine from Borderlands Facebook page. Twitter fires codes off and minutes later they appear in Facebook… I was almost going to make a twitter solely to follow Pitchford but my source is reliable also there is a pinned post here somewhere, one of the posters there had codes I’d never seen.

There is a few places to keep an eye on
Personally I’d like some keys for when I start FL4k!


@jl496 link for you my bro

I was wondering the same. Its been awhile. Im endgame so dont need them yet but when i decide on who im playing next, they will come in handy.

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