When are we getting patches that actually fix this game being stupidly bugged and glitchy?

Recent patch notes say they’ve fixed things, but I go into actually test what was fixed and NOTHING is fixed?

its been less than a month, and they already have had 2 updates and 2 hotfixes. they are working on things. and they have fixed things. they fixed the map snapping, they fixed killavolt, negative tokens, and pipe bomb.

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Games on consoles can’t just be patched whenever they want, unless it’s to fix something that actually makes the game literally unplayable (I think).

We know there’s the “30 day patch” that Gearbox already confirmed to be a thing ages ago, so if they don’t drop another patch before then, it should be roughly two weeks, give or take.

yep. it has to go through around a week of QA testing, to make sure it doesnt brick consoles, or house malware. video game servers have been hacked before, imagine if a hacker uploaded an update that robbed everyone with a PS4.