When Are We Getting The Boost Character To Level 30 Option?

Ok Guys. I’ve beat the game multiple times. Not trying to be lazy or anything. More so asking the community since I only played the complete edition of borderlands 2, where you could boost character to level 30 for DLC purposes. When was that feature added to BL2?

Because it’s desperately needed now. I’m not going to go into my gripes about the story but I would strongly prefer not to have to keep going through it.

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Probably once level cap is raised. Im on my last character to 50 currently and its the worst. It still takes quite a few hours to beat campaign then that 30 to 50 grind…

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After 7 years.


Added years after the last DLC, and all level cap increases, from what I remember. Think it only came with the introduction of Handsome Collection, so for BL3, you’d have to wait until after BL4 comes out, if they follow a similar plan.
Either way, don’t expect it any time soon, if ever. It’d be nice, though.

literally soul crushing response

Close. it was the last DLC for BL2 that came out last summer (7yrs after the game came out)as an intro to BL3 that introduced that gimmick, basically you could start a new toon at Level 30

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This is the real reason I’m not trying out the characters. I leveled Fl4k and like him, wrecked everything in TVHM M4. There is no way I’ll grind the other characters for hours so I can actually start having fun with them.

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