When are we going to get to Visit Maurice's Dimension and the Saurian Homeworld?

I don’t know if Maurice was in the game at launch because I waited till the game came to steam. Even so, I was thinking about what a proper addition to the game would look like as we wind down from this development cycle and head into Wonderlands.

This last month of events leading up to the anniversary spurred a lot of speculation and hope for new content, be it a Takedown, A Raid, a Murder Mystery, or a new Arm’s Race Map. For some reason it hit me that the one logical place we could go that we haven’t went yet, is wherever the heck Maurice is from, be it an alternate dimension, or just a kooky world where his version of Saurians evolved.

He’s got the teleportation portal right there, and he’s made it clear that they’ve got some pretty out there traditions. I could honestly spitball a whole DLC of Saurian “Who Done It Film” shenanigans . Sure, it isn’t something we could hope to see until the next proper Borderlands Sequel, but a DLC narrated by Maurice that takes us to his wacky world. Maybe riff off of Clue and Knives Out?

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That I d be certainly more excited about than Wonderland. Maybe in Bl4?