When are we gonna be able to do PvP lore challenges against bots?

Right before the update hit the game was a graveyard on PC and I could not find a PvP match. I’m talking 20 minute queues before giving up and trying another day. Between now and the second operation this will likely happen again. I really, really think it’s a good idea to let people unlock taunts, skins, titles and whatnot regardless of how many people are playing.


Yeah, i think it would help to even out the character-specific legendary gear gap between high and low level players, and keep players from throwing public PVP games from grinding lore; but i doubt this will ever be a reality.

EDIT: Oh, and only so long as they keep non-“Master Of” titles from being obtained in this way.

hmmm? You can gain xp in any game mode, even vs bots.

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…what in the hell was i thinking; i think it was a subconscious need to have it be worth it for SOMETHING more than unlocking lore…

Altering post…

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Estimated times aren’t available yet, but devs are working on it. But I don’t expect it to come soon, it was mentioned like “future plans”.

Yes please… I don’t really play PvP anymore but I’m a completionist, So I’d love to unlock lore in private matches (still).
I don’t want to unlock titles in private, I finally want my lore and masteries done. There are just some BB that I’ll surely never use in public PvP because I’m just so bad with them (El Dragon, Galilea, WF, Toby) but why shouldn’t I be able to complete their lore in private? sigh