When are you guys going to give us an armor mod?

Hey guys! I have been thinking about this for a good while and thought it was about time I make a post about it. So mayhem 10 enemies have mayhem 10 guns. Maybe instead of scaling shields or changing enemy damage you give us an armor module? Lots of enemies have 3 health bars shield armor and regular health, so why can’t we? I imagine it would be a pretty massive undertaking and it would effect lots of aspects of the game, but it’s something I would really like to see implemented and utilize! It would really provide some substantial survivability, diversity and depth. I feel that Fl4k, Amara and Moze would really benefit from this addition as Zane has his barrier and can shrug off a good bit of attacks. I find myself not playing those characters as much as I used to because they just get pummeled to hell lol. What do you guys think?!

Fl4k should have had an armor bar instead of health.


I would love to see an armor mod, or an armor value assigned to class mods, or something. Never made sense to me that enemies can have armor, but we can’t.


They should come up with a mechanic behind it. For enemies it’s just a bar that never refills, for the player they should develop a new idea behind it that makes sense gameplay wise, and I don’t think the game is ready for new mechanics.

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That language is not necessary, and your comment is not constructive. Even if you’re opposed, a simple statement and brief explanation would have been sufficient.

Amount of likes it will get is testimony to the opposite

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The game was so ready for new mechanics from the very beginning on. But instead they decided to play it save (nothing fundamentally/game changing new in regards to BL2/TPS).