When can i get a rocket launcher?

Hi, im new and just started the game, now im on the Sanctuary spaceship thing. When can I buy a rocket launcher, or find one? thank you.


I don’t think you start seeing them till about lvl 15

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Welcome to the family. You’ll find this place a great source for all sorts of help. I know these folks have been indispensable to me. Like all things, you’ll find all things sooner than later. In Sanctuary you will find all manner of things. One of my favorite places is Moxxi’s place. There is a tip jar on the bar. Drop a bunch of cash in for Ms. Moxxi and your social account will receive an interesting and usually quite powerful gun. My favorite is her slippery when wet series. But like it says, sometimes it can be a bit hard to hold on to.:grin:
Again enjoy explore and if necessary, ask questions. Try and not get put off by the negative commenters. We’ve all had our days when BL has been frustrating.

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