When casually leveling to 72 as Salvador

Wouldn’t hyperion weapons be considered some of the best weapons to be using during this journey? My reasoning is the fact that you waste so much time hipfiring dualwielding that it only makes sense to have the best accuracy in this mode which is of course Hyperion weapons excel at with continuous fire.

My thinking is that nobody really tries to go for his top weapons anyway until they reach max level so why not make it as painless as possible. Honestly I am doing much better with a Synergy than I would have ever done with a DVA Anarchist. And I love the Anarchist but I have always had mixed feelings about it hip fired and when you aim down the sights it has so much fire rate that you cant always land all your bullets.



Sure. I’ve got lots. Let me start by saying I’ve never really been in love with Hyperion weapons in general, Vladof either for that matter. My opinions have changed over time, but that’s not really the question, is it?

This kind of depends on how you build and play. Hyperion weapons are by no means bad, but if you sink that point into Steady as She Goes they suffer, whereas that same point does wonderful things for Vladof weapons. Basically, if you want to use Hyperion with Sal you should probably skip that skill. I used the Moxxi/Damage weapon pairing while leveling my first Sal, so Hyperion usually didn’t fit the bill for me.

For some gear that is a fair assessment, maybe not so much for others. You can use a low level slag Rubi indefinitely because you only really want slag and healz, and a Harold will punch well above its weight during the first 2 playthroughs,m and to a lesser extent in UVHM. You have enough points to Deputy by level 50, and that build can make even the less fantastic on paper gear pretty awesome. Once you start UVHM a Harold is easily farmable when it feels like it’s not hitting hard enough, and good Jakobs shotguns appear pretty regularly. You probably want to wait until you hit the highest level you plan on to get a ROM, but good players have taken a 72 ROM through the peak to OP8 as well as taken higher tier common Jakobs shotties through maps and they perform well with that build. You can go after a Grog when you start a playthrough, and that has healz aplenty and levels with you because it’s a mission weapon. Plus good slag chance and 200% crit bonus.

But all of this is based on my experience and videos I’ve seen in the dedicated Sal threads. The crux of your question lies in your post, specifically:

Who cares what anyone else thinks when this works for you? Seriously, do you until it stops working for you. And if you find that you’re using lots of Hyperion arms skip Steady as She Goes. It’s all good so long as a) It works, and b) you’re having fun. If it stops working or you stop having fun we can help you make most anything work if you ask us. Where there’s bullets there’s a way. :grin:


those are some great points the only reason i brought up the Synergy vs Anarchist thing is maybe I am missing something about the Anarchist that other people are using it differently. I also tried to use it mostly like a shotgun up close with continuous fire.

And yeah when I say top gear I mean stuff like DPUH and the like, I know about Rubi,Slagga, and Grog Nozzle all being good at all times. (Magic Missile too)

I am definitely not going to put any points into the Steady skill because I was made aware of that a few years ago and I have since started up a new Sal recently and that was one of the few things I remembered lol.

My only point is Sal seems like he is a hipfire master with Gunzerking so why not use the guns that do the best during hipfire which is usually hyperion weapons. The only other guns you can really throw in are guns that either have a homing effect or guns that have a fixed pattern no matter how much you spray with it.


You definitely absolutely 100% should avoid Steady with Hyperion allegiance. Not that that is what you’re implying.

Single barrel shotguns are great with Sal - obviously Butcher, iFacer & CC, but a regular Thinking too.
Most bestest is the Heartbreaker : a great gun for anyone but its crit bonus will really crank up your other gun, especially if you can get the Critical version.


Yeah I absolutely adore thinking and even that other single barrel one which is I think the Projectile Diversification. Someone told me as far Hyperion SMGs go that if you have to use any of them to go for the Maliwan barrel ones. I dont know how true that is.


Sal certainly spends more time hip firing than anyone else, that is fo sho. Again, not saying you’re wrong, I think you are quite correct (certainly more than I was before putting in the time and research that I did). Personally, Thinking over Projectile Diversification any day of the week. I can say that now my second Sal (Hoarder rolling mostly Vladof with a sprinkling of Bandit) puts a lot of hurt out, and I credit Steady as She Goes for that.

Looking for that ultra rare Weisenheimer are you? :wink: The Maliwan barrel smgs are good, but compared to the others the only real edge they have is a tad more elemental damage and proc chance. However, when you’re spraying lead like water that difference won’t really be noticeable without some type of elemental relic (I prefer cooldown myself until I get a Bone). A B¡tch is a B¡tch my friend, they all kick ass. :grin:

And listen to @Jefe. His advice has upped my game with every toon we’ve ever talked about. (Really, you should probably listen to most other folks here before you listen to me because they’re where most of my knowledge comes from.)


I hope that that was me :grin:

There’s an old “thing” about Weisenheimers. It’s become a cult status thing (not really but…not important).

I actually really like and recommend them. But they’re not really better than, say, a Dahl-barreled SMG.


Lol i actually got that maliwan barrel tip back from an old post i made over on Gamefaqs forums. Some random dude was like “yeah the only hyperion smgs you want are the maliwan types”. At the time i thought it just meant it had the least amount of initial kick when you shot it. That is really my only issue with hyperion weapon how exactly do you get rid of that starting kick that happens.

P.S. - Also a neat discovery that I am sure has already been found out… If you are running and immediately shoot a hyperion weapon it will always have the most extreme kick you can possibly get no matter what stats it has. Not sure if this was intentional or not but it was interesting they didnt want too much run and gun gunplay with immediate firing.


For SMGs a Hyperion or Dahl stock will help a ton with sway/kick. Only a Hyp stock will help a Hyp SMG.
Same with snipers.
For shotguns, Hyperion stock (I believe Torgue too).
The stability prefix helps pistols quite a bit.


Never knew that specific about the hyperion SMGs though. That is a neat tidbit I like it Jefe.