When did it get all Toxic in here...?

Read the title: This community used to be respectful but I have taken a break from the game and the forums and I come back to see a lot of toxicity. Some people I used to have some respect for are not completely full of themselves.

Elitism has now taken over the forums, even Moderators are not doing their jobs… I understand that the same complaints have been made for over a year, but shouldnt be the reason for the toxicity.

What the hell happened to you (community)?


From what I’m seeing it’s just one guy. And he hasn’t been playing long. I actually get a kick out of reading his ■■■■ :joy:


I see only a couple being elitist. I am actually surprised at how well this community has retained its positive attitude. Though it’s not always warranted…


For real some people almost make me want to 1v1 them and I thought I was done with that life


I don’t see anyone I know being elitest :confused:


Community is still great. Just a few new players coming in and getting stomped like we used to and blaming the game.


I mean, the game isn’t exactly 100% faultless here…


I’m surprised you think that. It’s actually rather positive here on the forums for the most part. Most veterans seem content with helping out the newer crowds with tips/advice and such.

We’re a small community so 1-2 bad eggs might stand out more than if the community was larger.

Shoutout to Dunksquad @icee @Dr_H0H0 (insert the rest here) who I’ve seen help out on PC by THROWING while still somehow managing to find some fun in doing so. You’re an example to us all…even when @icee ends up not throwing properly and gets a kill or two.

But yeah, we might not have the quantity, but we sure as hell have the quality. :smiley:


Like the others said, probably just a few bad eggs. This place is mostly positive, and its a bit of a gem on the internet these days, as other game companies forums are just like… One gigantic corrosive barrel.

And put some faith into the modding team. They are a fun bunch of folks and it can be a rough job someday’s. You may not see it but they are in the shadows, watching, lurking, spooky music here


Well, if you find any posts troublesome, use the flag system or drop one of us a pm, please.

To an extent, we can only be as good as this community. We don’t read every single post, so we rely on you wonderful folks to bring any issues to our attention so we can handle with them without a flamewar occurring. We’d much rather deal with a flag than have to intervene in a developing exchange of insults. (In fact, one of the reasons we’re on discourse is the flag system which facilitates more community ‘policing’ without everyone becoming a back-seat moderator.)

We’re also always open to private discussion of any concerns. Anything we can’t resolve can be taken up to the gearbox staff, too.

As to us ‘not doing or jobs’, I’d be very interested in a pm about that, (as would any other moderator of your choice.)


The PC players are not the issue, in what I have seen over the recent posts

I really would prefer you to discuss this in more detail privately.

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