When did they add audio to the taunts?

I thought it was just the t2 taunts getting music but I’m going back and noticing sound effects for the original taunts that weren’t there before.

I love it of course. Like for Orendi now there’s squishy sounds when she pokes her eye and hissing and monster squeals with her rogue pack taunt.

Or did I just not notice them before?

they were definitely there before

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Alani has one that cracks me up, but alas I’m sad and don’t player now that she got ripped apart.

Pretty sure they were there before…
They just seem to have a mix of different sound effects for each character when pressed multiple times…

Try taunting more than once when in the character select stage, and it’s pretty noticeable there (less noise going on than in game)…

Mind you, I also haven’t played for coming up to 3 weeks, so maybe there could be something new I’ve missed?
(I haven’t seen the new skins or taunts yet - need to take a peak even if the game won’t function for me, sigh :pensive:)

Also, with a good set of headphones, or a decent quality headphone/mic set…
I find the sounds in the game are more enhanced through them, then just through my TV…
With my headphone/mic set on, I notice more of the subtle sound effects!

Mind you I know there was AUDIO, it just feels like there’s more than there used to be. Like orendi always talked and hissed but noe I’m hearing additional squish and squeak sounds I don’t remember before

Music plays with Deande’s rumba dance, but sometimes you can hear her giggling with it.