When did you know you were hooked?

Now that most have abandoned BL2 (including Gearbox, based on the seeming end of golden keys), this is for those of us left;
When did you realize that you were addicted to BL2?

I picked up BL2 right after the Oct. '15 patch. Played along, started really enjoying it.

Then one morning as I was drinking my coffee I said “Hey, why not fire up BL for an hour or so before work.”

And the rest is history, 20,000 hours later I guess I’m stuck with this game…

What about you?


I might even be able to tell you the exact date.

There you go : 27/10/16

Obviously I’d played plenty before but it wasn’t until I joined and got jazzed about all the complexity that isn’t obvious at first blush.

Thousands of hours later in game, plus hundreds of hours out of game doing projects, time trials, alphabet game, porting, testing, co-op, etc.

The when is 2016, the why is the community.


Forgot that stat, here’s mine (I can’t see where the formatting you got is). And yes, the community here certainly helped make it even more fun.


In 2015, my wife gifted me a PS3 with good single players games like (uncharted, last of us, ac black flag, gta v and others). I want to play with her so i research for couch coop games and got portal 2, RE5, Lego marvel superheroes, Little Big Planet 2 and Borderlands 2.

First time i played Borderlands 2, i pick axton and i hate it, i got motion sickness and I cannot kill Knuckledragger, seriously.

After that i did do research, and i read that you can kill knuckledragger by staying inside the container. I also read that salvador is OP so i make a new game as gunzerker.

Since i died so often gunzerker i decided to create a Maya and that made me fell in love with the game, i feel invincible using her and the action skills are perfect for my skills.

That is when i came across this forum, i lurk for about a year before i feel badass enough to create an account and join the forum in 2016.

Fell in love even more when i met some forum friends that loves to play coop.

Dying to knuckledragger made me obsessed somewhat in the game that i probably watched thousands of videos in yt at 0.25x speed especially those raid boss skills.

Then i learn how to upload and save gameplay in yt for my own reference and there is SRG @SomeRandomGuy11 who did not fail to watch any of it and commented afterward,encouraging and pushing me to be better. I miss that guy.

Not only did i fell in love with BL2, i also fell in love in this forums that i branched out to reddit and fb borderlands groups providing links to this forums so that they will be encouraged to join.

That is why i am really sad that there are only few of us left in here.


But at least you know we’re dedicated, and we’re not going to ask repeatedly;

  • What’s the best character to play?
  • What’s the best build for XXX?
  • Anyone got a XXX they can give me?

And so on.

And since I’m currently also playing Morrowind from 2003, I expect BL2 to last another 5-10 years, based on the last remaster, so we’re good for a while.


A lot of us do that still stick around, as it were. I think he’s making a come back, not sure. But I had a msg from him on Steam a few weeks ago. @SomeRandomGuy11 is a loved member and one hell of a bloke, if I do say so myself. :smirk:

OT: ■■■■! I started with BL1, hated it. put it away until a buddy hit me up to coop. Once I cooped, it was over. I fell inlove with that game. Moved on to the 2nd installment and never slowed down until BL3. I may stop after that one. Still not going on to Wonderlands. They strayed from what they originally created, which is where I’ll most likely stay. Farming is the most important and addicting part for me. I’m a huge loot whore and seeing the rarest shiniest drop still get me going to this day. :heart_eyes: :star_struck:
I joined this forum after starting TPS. I was new and it had just released and no YT vids were available yet. I wanted to know tips, tricks, secrets, etc. Ended up joining here to see if I can get info on TPS.

May 5, '15

TPS was still lacking very much in the terms of content and info. So I mosied over to the BL2 thread and the rest is history. Community really amped up the excitment and replayability for me. New ideas, things to try. Time trials, etc. I made friends in here. That is why I stay…

edit: @RavenOfArisia not that you haven’t heard this before, cause I’m sure you have. But have you thought of trimming that hedge you call an eyebrow?
:joy: its like your eyebrow is wearing a bad toupee

I had to look that up. How do you spell synthetic hair? lol

edit: great idea for a thread btw. It makes me want to create a nostalgic thread of coops I’ve done in BL2 over the years. I remember 1 sesh where @farsight37 and I were doing the bandit slaughter. I remember accidentally reloading my baby maker when trying to revive him and it blew up in my face downing me too. LMAO, that was so hilarious. I was dying when it happened. So many great moments like that is why this game and community was so great.


NEVER I had a computer science teacher back in 1974 that had eyebrows like that and I and others made fun of him.
Now I am him, so maybe it’s just a respect brow.


I think it occurred to me that I’d be in this for the long haul when I really started to notice that all other first-person shooters seemed very slow and boring compared to BL2… the players felt way more sluggish (slower movement speeds, lazy/missing jumps), and the stark contrast in additional combat mechanics available meant that I kept putting down other games in favor of this one.

Then I noticed how vast and varied-while-being-usefully-consistent the end-game is, and with the difficulty/gear/enemy adjustment options with the OP system making it nigh perfect (I do polish out the dings with some UCP love), the only reason I’m not still there constantly is because BL3 has taken this to another level.


Oh the irony




Around this time:

I had played a bit of BL1 without getting hooked when I got the BL2 GOTY edition from the bargain bin of a local supermarket. Tried an Axton and, well, wasn’t blown away. Started a Mechromancer and had fun playing through NVHM and some of the DLCs. Went through TVHM, which was harder, but still doable for someone who actually isn’t big on shooters. Did some DLCs again and thought I am ready for UVHM now…

At level 56 or 57…

I hit a brick wall.

Knuckledragger became a nemesis. After bashing my head against said brick wall for a while, I started looking for build advice, tips and tricks on the interwebs, to see if the problem is me or if the game really does such a difficulty jump. Lo and behold, there was advice like: “Do not enter UVHM overleveled”. Or: “Where to get a Lyuda”…

It took me a while to start an account and get to posting, because I didn’t think that I have anything to contribute. Got over myself and can honestly say that I was welcomed by the community. So I stayed and kept playing BL2. That’s what I still do.

Hi, my name is Curmudge0n and I am addicted to Borderlands 2.


Respect…the brow! LOL That’s pretty funny. I like that you own it!

Waking up before work, just to squeeze a farming run in. That started with the original for me. Cramerax farming. Moved to farming for specific gear now that BL2 brought dedicated drops. A nice and refreshing change of pace from the original, imo. I love both and still play them both. I also dabble with TPS occasionally.


I still like and play BL2, it is the most fun.

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Probably when I rolled my 37th character for fun as a way to kill time between work and bed :joy:

Not played in a while due to illness but the game still occupies my thoughts and inspires me for D&D sessions too!

Didn’t jump over to BL3 in part due to store exclusivity which can frankly do one and also becayse the aforementioned illness started to take hold and drag me down.

Sometimes I remember to check in here and have fond memories! Also the only game I’ve created content for (Story order legendaries on BL2 Reddit) and of course the worlds most painful challenge: You. Will. Die. A Lot. :smiling_imp:

(Oh yeah - been playing since release too!)


That was a fun challenge. This is one of my favorite kills so far.

killing a level 21 Bloodwing with level 12 Maya using a Level 8 Lascaux and Level 9 Harold.

Also, a 48 minute warrior fight. lol not really.


BL2 group join date


It goes back to the first Borderlands. I find the shoot and loot model very addictive. But for the purposes of your question on BL2, it would have had to have been that first battle over Sanctuary, all extremely fun and surprising on the first play through.

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