When did you start farming/doing the DLC?

I’m gonna do a solo playthrough (been so used to doing co-op I forgot you can actually solo in this game lol.) before I do that my question is when did you actually start farming for gear in your solo playthrough? Also when did you start doing the DLC?

For normal mode, I started at lv30, and gotten quest rewards. For TVHM, I would start dlc around lv40, then pick back quest rewards at lv50. UVHM, I started dlc at lv57ish, hit quest rewards at 72, then reset UVHM at OP3-4.

Start the DLC in TVHM and farming in the end of UVHM only. You can totally beat the game with droped only gear!
Maybe leave some quests open so you can get lv 50 unique to start UVHM. Dont need more than this, being honest.

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