When Digi-Clone is active, regenerate 30% of magazine ammo per second broken

“When Digi-Clone is active, regenerate 30% of magazine ammo per second” isn’t working at all. I tried rebooting the PS4. I noticed this when Maurice’s vending machine moved and I was getting Refluxes, it might have been a problem beforehand without me noticing.

I’m not sure any of my weapon anointments are working, it’s hard to tell with this build and what I’m doing, but I suspect they aren’t. My shield anointment definitely is though (an ASS Revolter, the effects are obvious).

Not sure of this since i never use that anoint.

But there is a “bug/mechanic” before that there is a timer in those Zane anoints since the AS wasn’t designed to be infinite. Those came with the Seein’ Dead com.

And since nobody knew that Seein’ Dead would turn Zane’s playstyle around (unlimited action skill uptime), and that anoint being non-meta, nobody really complained.


Thanks! But since I use this anoint constantly, and have for months now, I’m certain it’s a recent change rather than an old one. The difference between never reloading and always reloading is really hard to miss. I respeced my Zane to take all but one point out of Duct Tape Mod because I never reloaded the very same weapon running the very same farm.

The problem has gone away. I have no idea what might have triggered it appearing or disappearing.

Figured it out. When you Second Wind, ammo regeneration stops, and you need to switch away from the ammo regenerating weapon and switch back to it to restart it. I noticed the problem when doing Mayhem 11 TVHM runs of the Slaughter Shaft with Revenge of the Cartels on, and I was Second Winding a lot.


Can confirm, this is the nature of the anointment.