When do guardian rank bonuses start to plateau?

So, I’m wondering at which point do guardian rank bonuses start to plateau? To be more speslcific, at which percentage does one guardian token give less than 0.1%? I’m very close to 11% on most of the green and red ones so I’m curious if the time for the blue tree has come.

It’s been a while since I paid close attention to my GR or redeemed any points because it becomes irrelevant after a while (once you unlock all the GR perks), but IIRC the amount of the bonus stat increases granted with each rank gets smaller and smaller the more you level it up. It just sneaks up on you as those bonuses get higher and the increases per rank get lower.

Hopefully that makes sense. In summary, increase the stats enough to unlock all the GR perks for that particular tree, and then just kind of put the points wherever you want. The bonus stats are capped at 15%, I think.


Once you get past 13% each point becomes very irrelevant IMO.

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