When do the servers actually go live?

As above is it the same start time across the board for all regions or is it staggered kinda like how the beta was?

Only asking as i have the game already and its going to kinda suck if i have to wait till 6pm on launch day to play like i had to with the beta.

I asked the very same question just when the open beta ended and no response.
Checking the Steam page, it releases at the same time as pretty much every other game in their library, 6 PM.

local time, or a specific zone? I mostly don’t time my session to the minute, but BB changes this ^^

One computer turns on every server all at the same time all over the planet.

I honestly don’t know how Steam handles the release time. I would think that it’s local time at 6 PM for everyone that’s stated in their store page.

The actual release is gonna be staggered to the release of the game in the USA whatever time zone gearbox uses. I assume Central do to the fact they are stationed in Texas and have the central time. So with that said people in Australia will actually have to wait till the fourth so the world will start all together.

This is one of the more frustrating parts of always online games now. That you have to wait for when they start. Which is generally a US time.

Well Gearbox has a reason they are a US company as well as most companies know that the US is the largest base of gamers thus they target us and make us their target. This is why Usually Pacific or Eastern Times are used because they are the usual times and people are used to seeing it.

With that said the beta was pacific time if im not mistaken so i take back what i said about central and will prob pin it to pacific time so use your global time calculators or whatever and find out when it actually releases for you.

Steam europe has a release of 06.00 pm gmt. In america its 8 houres earlier (i think) so bb would go live 10.00 am for them?
Weird release time :slight_smile:

Then again, gearbox never mentioned any time when the servers go live.

Guys and Gals, we are 5 days away. I haven’t been as pumped for a release in a long time.