When do the tier 2-3 skins come out?

Anyone have any info?


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I believe (don’t quote me on this) when the next character gets released. He will come along with some tier skins for characters.

Well that could be tomorrow with the public release release of Alani buuuuuuut who knows lol

What about those $5 dlc packs that were supposedly coming with new skins and taunts. Any news on the first one of those?

The packs from the season pass?

It is so bizzare that no one has any concrete information on this. We know they exist, they were in the beta, why in the bloody hell don’t they hot fix them in? Especially now that Overwatch dropped and so many are comparing the two, why not release sick new skins that people can drool over? The first argument a very good friend of mine made when he jumped from BB to OW was " the skins suck!" I got him back when Alani came out for a few matches but he said there are no new skins and nothing announced. He hasnt touched it since. Chances are he is going to trade it in.

I want to know where the concrete information is on this, and why the hell GBX has not addressed it?


One of the developers said that skins are coming with Alani. I was hyped. Alani got released, no skins. I was unhyped. If today, when Alani comes out of early access, there will be no new skins - I’ll be really mad.


I kind of have to agree. Every major and even minor release of this genre have tiered skins that are readily available. League, Dota, Smite, Paragon, and of course Overwatch. They really need to get on the level.

I wouldnt be so displeased if not for the fact they were in the freakin’ beta! They already exist, unlock them in the damn game!


I’ve been saving a ton of loot packs for this… I really want those skins T__T

It’s not about having skins each update, it’s about lying to the audience. Because if they release Alani and don’t add tier 2 skins into the game without any statement on the matter, then they have officially lied to the community about those skins. And that would be very bad thing of them to do.

I just want my Deande in a Ninja clothing, Rath in a Samurai armor, Thorn in an clothing that looks like Tauriel’s (female elf in The Hobbits 2)… I wonder if the skins will ever be that epic xD

If Battleborn somehow grows in popularity to justify this kind of investment. Right now I wouldn’t hope for anything more than was already confirmed, and that would be 5 heroes, 5 coop scenarios, 1 more map for each versus mode, 1 more versus mode, and tier 2 skins.

Well any tier skins would be great except from what we already have now would be totally awesome. I can’t wait to open up my packs! xD

You and me. I stopped opening commander and faction packs as soon as I found out they have no tier 2 skins right now, that was approximatelty at commander rank 50 (right now I’m 100). And I stopped spending credits too, sitting at something around 60k right now.

The whole point of the season pass was that there were going to be $5 dlc that include a new story mission plus some skins and taunts, and the season pass got you all 5 of them.

I wonder when the patch is going to drop, it’s been half of the day already.

This was the most recent thing I have seen:

@jythri said that marketing has gotten involved in the timing of the release of skins.

I believe the original statement about skins releasing with Alani was in reference to tier 2 only.

I’m talking about todays patch, which should make Alani available to everyone and add tier 2 skins to the game.

And that isn’t the post I replied to.

I don’t know that there even IS a patch today. Alani is supposed to release in just over an hour, I believe. No patch is necessary for that.

I think it is fairly clear from that tweet that the timing of skins has changed.

I believe they already are on the game, in the beta, the bots used them or we download with the Alani update. They just need to unlock.