When do you guys start farming legendaries?

At the end of normal mode ive found the drop rates to low to bother, so when do you guys? the end of TVHM? The begging?

50,72,and OP8

What if i hit level 50 but then enemies required to farm are lower level than me?

Depends on what weapon I want and what stuff I have. Drop rate are normal for me. Luck is luck. Some days better then other. Sooner or later tho it will drop.

Depends on how you want to play DLC’s. If you want to do DLC’s at 50 then get some of the weapons you want and do the DLC’s. Or, farm certain items you want during play through and take what you get and move on. Some Legz are easier to get and help levelling, esp. through UVHM. You can keep grabbing a Bee and Unkempt Harold to keep you going. Otherwise, if your new to the game spend some time enjoying it all at 50, then when your happy move up through UVHM.