When do you run Prove Yourself in PT1?

When is the best time to do the Mad Moxie DLC for PT1? I’m curious as to whether or not there are level limits or other voodoo that prevents or inhibits the rewards gained in the end.

I read of someone who does both the PT1 and PT2 Moxie runs during 2.5 or something, if that’s a thing that matters.


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That might’ve been me who does both runs at max level, but it doesn’t really matter when you do either of them. AFAIK, there’s not voodoo or witchery that’ll mess with the missions.

Since those areas always scale with you I prefer to do them when I have all the rest of my skill points, since all the skills will make you relatively the most powerful compared to any other point in your game. It’s just something to make it a liiiittle bit easier, but if you want the points earlier it won’t hurt anything if you grab them early.

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Cool. Thanks for that quick reply! I think I will spread them out, as it is hard enough to do once; I can’t imagine doing it twice in a row, any more than I can see myself doing the “long” challenges for nothing more than bragging rights.

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I am always level 41 when I do it in Playthrough 1, because I always play the game in order.

It does not matter when you decide to do it.

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I usually knock them out back-to-back once I hit 69. Like @billthebetta said, having the full complement of skill points is really nice. Once you’re max level and have a couple of Armory runs or Craw kills under your belt, with the gear you take in to the Underdome, it won’t take you all that long to knock out the smaller challenges.

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I tend to wait til the end also, but if I find a really overpowered weapon (say, a decent low-level hellfire) then I’ll go do it immediately.