When do you think Pre-Sequel will get a price drop?

As Pre-Sequel isn’t going to win a GOTY award because everyone is still too butthurt over Australian accents and the toxic community that keeps bashing it, when do you think Pre-Sequel will have a price drop (For PC and last gen consoles), as I really want my friends who played Borderlands 2 to get on Pre-Sequel, but they say it is too expensive. Kind of lonely playing with random strangers. Seriously, Pre-Sequel deserved more, much more…

Steam summer sale is coming closer and I think BLTPS will be a lot cheaper.
I don’t know if it will be cheaper on the consoles but I think you can get used ones on ebay pretty cheap because a lot of people went from ps3 to ps4 with the handsome collection (or 360 to xbox one)

Theres been quite a few sales already. But i dont think theyll drop the price permanently til late this year or next. To me its well worth 60 bucks. And id keep selling it at that price. If i were them.

It’s been $30 a few times on Steam already. Next guaranteed time would be the Steam Summer Sale, as iamsosmrt mentioned.