When does Alani release in your time zone?

According to the link provided here she will be available at 2am here in Australia. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t considering a late night/early morning :sweat_smile:

10, here. Am. I’m pretty pleased, I just have to be up in six hours :slight_smile: oh dammit, why am I awake!

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It’s 4am there? Yeah… probably shouldn’t still be awake :joy:

Don’t tell me how to live my life! I shall get game time in before work, dammit!


5 PM here in the UK I will just be home after work perfect timing for me haha

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Thanks for the link, that’s a nice catch.
So 18 for me heh ? Well that’s in 5h. Should still be stuck at work anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh wait I don’t have the season pass.


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Lucky you! :acmaffirmative:

Why don’t you have it? You should get it, it’s the cheapest season pass I’ve seen!

True, true!

I mostly avoid season passes because I hate the concept ! And it doesn’t look very relevant for Battleborn… yet. :wink:

So do I. I never pre order, buy season passes (not counting goty editions), or pay release price for any game but even I paid 125aud for the digital deluxe pre order on this game! If you’ve already decided it’s not worth it to you though, I won’t try to convince you! I know this game definitely has some kinks to iron out but I decided a while ago to support this game in the long haul :smile:


Good luck winning the race to select her before everyone else. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just pve for days so everyone can have here lol after the first couple days the people will figure out if they like her or not so should be easier to get her then until she goes public next week


Oh I know, I’ll probably spend the next few days in private matches to get the hang of her though - assuming she looks half decent. I’m not too keen on Ambra in either aesthetics or skills, and I don’t like the idea of playing Miko with his head being a huge “hit me to crit” sign. Mostly I just suck at playing a healing class considering most of my gaming experience has been single player rpg’s like Elder Scrolls, Borderlands, Witcher series, Dragon Age etc. I’m used to being the stupidly OP hero :sweat_smile:

She’ll probably be a back up pick for me anyway. I’m only hoping to give her a real go so I can broaden the team roles I can fit

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12 here

AM or PM? :smiley:

Only America uses a stupid 12 hour clock he is in chile so I’m going to guess he means 12 and not 24/0000

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12:00 midday
Because 0:00 is midnight

@Slakruz chile is also part of America

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Same, will test her first. :smile:

Lol true. I was speaking of the country not the continent though