When Does Bloody Harvest Start?

I was under the impression that Bloody Harvest was an October long event.

Has it started yet and I just maybe haven’t been to the proper area for it or something?

Thanks in advance for any information!

It’s boss week, rare spawn week, another two week long events, then special holiday surprise (aka bloody harvest)

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How about a week dedicated to performance improvements and bug fixes??


Ok not gonna lie that’s disappointing.

I had thought that the special weekly events were running IN CONJUNCTION with Bloody Harvest.

This news makes me sad.

And why is it a “spooky surprise” when I know for a fact that they had already announced the special boss, enemies, available special loot drops, etc?

Lol, it’s not ready to be released either - SURPRISE!

Kidding aside, I’m glad the patch shows progress on repairing the bank issue even if I have to deal with laggy af Co op a bit longer

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I think that spooky surprise and Bloody harvest are 2 diffenrent things cause, if i can remember correctly, Paul Sage said in the borderlands show that Bloody harvest was arounf a month long

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The spooky surprise and Bloody Harvest are different things. The guy saying otherwise must have missed that info in the post about the Aniversary events that include the spooky surprise.

They haven’t announced when Bloody Harvest is. However I am hoping it starts next week, if they don’t manage it sooner. Although I don’t remember hearing them say how long it would last.


Thanks, folks!

In not going to say I never missed information… But perhaps I feel that the ‘increased’ drops (like Idk a harvest) in these weeks leading up to it were supposed to coincide with the additional content… Which as I hinted at doesn’t seem to be ready yet.

I could be wrong, I don’t want to be right… But after telling folks their consoles are the reason the game turns them off I just don’t have any trust in the developers atm. Conspiracy or not, this seems to be the bloody harvest already just not what we were promised… Again.

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This, sadly, would not surprise Me at this point.

And, like you, I hope I’m wrong.

Regardless. Where’s Bloody Harvest?

Killing Floor 2 started their Halloween event literally right when October started.

I realize they are 2 different games by 2 different companies.

It just seems like one unfortunate misstep or delay after another with Borderlands 3.

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honestly i wan them to fix bank so it won’t delete items and potentially give us more space to work with before the event drops i don’t want to lose the new gear by it being deleted in my bank. However in regards to when the event started we are only a couple days into the month have a little patience even if it does start a bit later i doubt they would shaft us on how long it lasts since that would be completely counter productive to the life of the game.

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You’re absolutely right.

Lol I may or May not be a touch on the cranky side today due to real life stuff.


Can we stop with the conspiracy? I just watched the last borderlands show again to be able to give you an educated answer instead of just a guess. Paul sage said Bloody harvest will be out near the end of october and will last for around a month and a half



Thank you.

It does fit in more nicely with Halloween that way.

And there are more pressing concerns I’d rather have Gearbox deal with first.

I wonder if I’ll be level 50 by the time it starts?

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There are indeed more pressing matters to deal with and they are working on it. These events are probably ready since way way before release

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Well if you think about it, they surely didnt write, code, test and polish in 3 weeks

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Uh…no comment.


(just being silly, I know you’re right!)


Looks like they are separate events after all. Bloody Harvest runs Oct 24th thru Dec 5th… I wasn’t too far off though for a lack on info lol