When does Fleet-Footed activate?

I was looking at a screenshot and noticed the text reads when Aurox is “disabled” (need to go home and confirm this on my ps4), so does that mean when her shield is down? I’ve noticed sometimes Shayne says something like “Aurox, where did you go?” and I’m assuming she does that when shields are down as he is her “shield”. Just curious about this as I had originally thought fleet-footed activated when Aurox was separated from you, like during tag team. Can GBX provide clarification on this? Thanks.

It activates both when Shayne’s shield (Aurox) is broken and when you activate Tag Team.

Is there any kind of indicator it is on? They really should do something to let you know it is active. Maybe they are and I’m missing it. It just seems like a very useless passive although in theory I can see how it could be useful.

It also activates during Fetch’s animation.

It activates pretty much any time Aurox is not attached to Shayne.

The visuals for this aren’t always consistent (sometimes I see Aurox when my shield is down), but you shouldn’t see Aurox’s arms over Shayne’s when Fleet Footed is Active. Normally, if you melee you can see his arms. If you hop you can see his chin while falling.

On a somewhat related note: I have a theory that when you attack and Aurox is not disabled, both Aurox and Shayne coutn as one melee each. I could be wrong, but the sound effects seem to suggest this. I’m not sure what effect this has on DPS and legendaries with stacking effects based on melee attacks.

Fleet Footed activates in the following situations:

  1. Everytime Shayne loses her shield.
  2. Everytime Shayne activates any skill (Stealth Strike, Fetch, Tag Team).


There is an indicator. You should see speed lines on the sides of the screen, just like when affected by the accelerator. There is also a sound effect played. I personally find this passive to be quite effective.


Shayne and Aurox melee attacks count as 2 separate hits even when the shield is disabled. During certain skills, Aurox will not be present and Shayne’s DPS will suffer a 50% reduction.

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