When does VIP season 2 start?

I thought that it would change on the 1st of July. Guess not.

I thought so too mabye it will be on the sixth like season 1

I think the 4th because 2K “always” do their announcements on Thursdays. Juni 6 was the first Thursday of that month. Juli 4 is the first Thursday of this month. :thinking:


Guardian Con is 5TH&6Th, I would guess sometime then?

I guess not…
I’m beginning to worry that they may only have 2 seasons.

Dear Gods, please let that be the case. I hate this F2P… “stuff”… I don’t wanna contribute to the problem spreading in the game industry. I don’t want them to make 24 rotating "seasons’ with exclusive gear you need to log into 3-5 different social media platforms a week just to earn 300-500 points towards a single skin or head each of which will take you 2-3 months to save up enough points for. That is disgusting.

July 13 I would bet.

You keep looking at it as “penalizing people who don’t do the things” when it’s “rewarding people who are excited and wanna do the things”.

The thing is, ad revenue is probably the biggest funder of things. We help generate ad revenue when we click the links, watch the videos, what have you. It’s a way for companies to make more money from the customers without charging them.

When Kesha announced her come back tour, she did this thing where you got a spot in “line” for tickets based on how many points you accumulated. You got points for preordering the album. Listening to the songs. Watching the videos.

So I built a spotify playlist of the tracked songs, put it on loop, and let it play. She got her money, and I got my second time bracket ticket line spot.

These things are fun and cool if you’re into it.


I have socio-political opinions on this subject, but that isn’t what this forum is for. All I’ll say is that I don’t like how it treats the consumer. It can also be (in many circumstances) detrimental to people who don’t follow something from the start.

If someone doesn’t hear about a deal or something from the moment it is announced then they are at a disadvantage even if they are very enthusiastic about whatever it is they are plunging into. It can be a very dangerous slope and leave people who get into something later than others with less opportunities. It can be seen as a tad elitist or “first come first serve”.

I will acknowledge that (from rumors I have heard) the way SHiFT is doing it alleviates many of the problems I have brought up. This is due to it allowing players to “purchase” “rewards” after a season ends as well as only have a few seasons. I still view it as a dangerous slope that the gaming industry is gently sliding down, but that is an entirely different discussion that shouldn’t take place on these forums.

I got in to bl2 this year. I didn’t get to do the Grog or Twister easier to find situations. Again, you keep looking at it as penalty, when it’s reward.

Look, I’m not a big fan of how the market works, but if we’re stuck in this system right now, I’m really excited that there are cool rewards for doing basic dumb stuff like looking at a list of codes and putting them in. Going to a few social media sites.

I haven’t cared about a single video game this much since I played Mech Assault 2 in freshman year of high school. This is excite-making for me. I get to earn points, buy legit versions of guns in BL2 and pre-sequel (even though I don’t need to because I’m on pc and there’s options there…) and get a nifty Mali Legendary when the game comes out. Which is cool for me! And a lot of people probably don’t even care because they hate the Mali Charge Mechanic.

But if you’re not excited about it, don’t do it. It looks like they’re not gonna brickwall anything important or super special behind this idea, and it’s just for the people who ARE stoked.

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There is a very simple solution to all the vip seasons and watching videos and whatever else, if you like it then do it, and if you don’t then don’t.

No one is forcing people to do this and you aren’t going to get anything game breaking out of it.

I personally will do it to a point as I find it fun, to a point. I personally don’t care about the rewards but I know some people find it life or death if they don’t get them.

I don’t understand why people would begrudge the game company any way they can find to make more money on their product though. They are raking it in with all the ad clicking they are getting and the “word of mouth” is spreading like wildfire.

When I played B1, no one had heard of it and when people saw it they basically thought it was garbage. It is amazing how far the Borderlands series has come, including TPS as I love that one as well.


It says on their website there would only be 3 seasons. I’m sure they’ll wrap up by the time bl3 drops.

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I’m going to use what I acknowledge as a slightly extreme example.

Say you’re stranded on a small island. There is only one type of food source. Trees with fruit that you have an allergy to. You’d break out in rashes and be very uncomfortable and constantly itchy if you ate them, but it’s your only option for food. Now, you know that these are fairly popular waters and a cruise ship will probably be nearby within 2 weeks. Sure, you could choose not to eat the fruit and starve for the next few weeks. Humans can survive a month without food so you’d be relatively fine given you still have a source of clean water from a nearby stream.

Are you gonna eat the fruit or starve for 2 weeks?

Well your example doesn’t really apply to what I said, but even if it did you still have a choice.

In my example you won’t be any worse off if you choose to not participate, while in yours you will be extremely hungry/starving.

Absolutely nothing changes in your life if you choose to not participate in the VIP program, nothing, zip, nada, but if you do participate you will receive something but nothing game breaking, mainly just cosmetic which I personally don’t care about.

Now if you are the kind of person who will get upset because someone that DID participate gets a reward and you don’t because you didn’t participate, you really need to reevaluate your own sort of reasoning.

Either participate, or don’t. Nothing important happens either way shrug


So you don’t like gbx giving away free stuff huh???
Even though it’s only skins and heads and a level one legendary that won’t be useful past level 4.
I can never understand politics.

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I really hope they don’t push season 2 back to gap the time between GuardianCon and GamesCon.

All rewards are going to available when a new season starts. They aren’t removing rewards

I know that rewards will be available after the season ends, but that is not set in stone as they have stated officially that they may change that rule.

You will be notified if that gonna happen.

But it could still happen.