When exactly can I Download the Update?

My connection is slow. If events start at 12am thats 9pm local time for me. (Because of Time Zones, not the Internet connection)

I hope my lame… uh slow, meant slow. My SLOW Internet connection won’t take too long to get the update ready.

I want to rebel with the Thralls today… but if it comes round 12am (9pm local time)I probably won’t be able to… especially if its a big Update.

“The update begins rolling out on Thursday, October 13, at 2pm PT/ 5pm ET.” That’s in about 15 hours from the time I am posting this.

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Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude. Hyyyyyyyyyyyyyyype is reeeeeeeeeaaaal.

I’m going to force my brother to sit down and play the new gamemode, and the new story op with me, no matter how much he’d rather be playing Trashwatch.


The updates gonna be out on… Friday… For me…


In ten hours? Hell no, no playing the game today… it’s 23 : 00 O’Clock (11:00pm) and if I start the download then it’l surely be Friday till it’s done :sob:

To Quote Montana: NOT COOL!


Same here. :’(

About 6 hrs and 40 mins people! Get some sleep and get ready for some new Battleborn DLC!!

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I was looking out for an update this morning on my Xbox one and surprised slightly to not see it. I’m glad to see it’s more of a midday release and not something weird on my system.

Well, in my country is 23:00 ( at night).

No Battleborn today. :frowning:

same here and i have to work from 23.00 to 06.00, so when i get home i need my beauty sleep :confused:

Is it out yet? Still waiting for the check for Update feature to tell me news…

Yes it’s out

Doesn’t work for me yet… I’ll try to reboot my Console, maybe that does anything…

Lucky. I can’t get it. :cry:

It wouldn’t show up on its own for some reason had to force the update page on xbox to refresh for it to show up

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Is this the punishment for playing on the PS4?

What a cruel fate…

not out on xbone…
oh well, time to do homework. :frowning:

Yes it is. I’m downloading it on xbox now. Refresh the update page or restart your console

PS4 got it now as well… to bad it estimates 4 hours of downloading for me :sweat:

I hate my sloppy connection.

1.5hrs for me.