When farming RedBelly rader and miget are bugged

Heyo i’ve just started farming RedBelly for stiker and notice the rader and baddies are bugged.
I’ve shot redbelly n went to a safe spot and he doesn’t appear on rader only when they separate,
Also when he put me into FFYL the midgets were nowhere to be seen for me to get second wind :frowning:

I noticed that too. no radar blip for him. you have to enter the main room for the scavs to spawn.

OMG i try to farm nel he didn’t come after me it keeps spawning endless wave of those annoying pycho pls fix this gearbox i really want my skullmasher

The little psychos have always been a constant spawn, they won’t go past the entrance to the chest room. Red disappears from the radar because he has the bad habit of flying off to the side and glitching into the wall, throw a tesla at the floor if you can see a bit of him sticking out.