When I play Athena and my friend joins my game, I get a different character voice

When my friend joins I start speaking like a foul mouthed australian instead of Athena, half of what I say is bleeped out and it’s incredibly annoying! To the point that we have to make new characters now, any suggestions? And to be clear, when I play solo everything is fine, Athena will say things about her Aspis and whatnot as well as never saying anything that needs to be bleeped =P

Sounds like one of you (probably your friend, from the description) has the Boganella shotgun equipped.

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I think @BinkyThePirate nailed it - the Boganella is a mouthy Aussie bleepin’ shotgun. It’s a pretty decent shotgun, but I avoid it just because it gets old really fast (kind of like the Morningstar sniper rifle in BL2.)

Edit: Also I believe that, like the Morningstar, if you have it in one of your equipment slots the effect does eventually transfer to your other weapons. Perhaps someone can confirm that?

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Much obliged. was driving me insane.