When/if it comes out on Steam will the community be split?

Will people who buy through the Epic store be able to play with people on Steam?


Thanks but that’s not what I was asking. I’m worried that there won’t be cross play between Epic and Steam.


It’s ok. I would expect the majority of people to buy it will do so in 2020. Even if epic-steam crossplay doesn’t exist then there won’t be a significant split.


for me this is also very important to know before buying this game… Most of my friends dont gonna buy it and the rest are waiting for steam edition. So i need to know if there is crossplay between Epic and Steam if it comes out in April 2020.

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I really want to pre order the game(for the bonus gold wepons and all this stuff) but i also want it on steam(for the achivment system and for my friends and i just like steam batter)… will it be possible?

Waiting for april, and I don’t think crossplay is an issue since most people buying the game on steam probably don’t care much for the players on epic

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Voice out opinion on this on the epic game store thread here and also on the 2K forum. Someone also started a petition on change.org asking for a steam release which was posted in that thread. Pass that link around in other forums online so the count keeps increasing. I think it hit like 3K people in just 7 hours after it started.

Considering the trackrecord of the Shoddy Store so far: Yes.

Hell, I expect that Shift accounts accessed/created by a Shoddy Store linked copy of BL3 will lock out users out of being logged into with their steam games.

Here is the link for the petition
4000 people already singed!!!
I truly believe we can make it!

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Just think. I believe that was started this morning when Epic exclusivity on PC was confirmed.