When inspecting a weapon where are screenshots saved?

My pc based system apparently isn’t saving them? I tried under documents, mygames, borderlands3,saved i think it was. The screenshots aren’t being saved there. I could not find them with a file search either.

Thanks for any help!

I want to post two different flippers I have. One I can shoot without lowering my ammo count, the other steadily drops ammo. That’s what I’m REALLY curious about. :smile:

Well, it looks like I’m in the right place but my system isn’t saving screenshots. The file where they’re supposed to be is set as read only and there is apparently a Win7 “feature” that won’t let me change it. On the other hand, the games doesn’t seem to have any problem resaving saved games so I 'm …confused. lol

It seems on Steam whether you hit “Space” or F12 to take the screenshot it goes to the same location. It sounds like you’re getting to the right spot, just not finding any screenshots ; but just in case

Right click Steam in tray – Screenshots – Show on disk

If there’s an issue with Win7, perhaps a @moderator could move this to PC Tech Support.
The scrnsht file being set to Read Only is weird, but the save files a way off in another location so it stands to reason your game files are unaffected.

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Thanks! Mine’s a bit different being purchased from Epic but I think I 'm in the right spot. I can do a screen shot, see the name being assigned, search for it and find nothing. Rats.

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If you are on pc can’t you just use the print screen key and paste it from the clipboard to paint?

I’m not a kb/m player so not sure how the special keys work in game.

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I just tried. Apparently not.

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Thanks. I’ll double check that too.

I can’t make it work either.

Does Epic have support?
This is between Epic and Windows : the screenshots go to a folder that is separate from the game files. Specifically, it goes to an Epic folder.
I’d open a ticket with them if you can.

Also, do you have any other games with Epic that you can test with?

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Not yet. I’ll try and find a folder for Epic screenshots. The file search did fail though even after I recorded the supposed names assigned to my screenshots. I’ll still look.

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If you have a nvidia GPU and use Nvidia Experience you can press alt+F1 to take a screenshot, then press alt+z to open the overlay. You can view your gallery and open the file path folder from there.



The other thing to mention is that your antivirus may be blocking the default folder you referenced up-thread - that typically results in read-only permissions which would prevent the screen shots from being saved. Depending on where it is, it may not have been included in any blanket exemption for the game itself.


I am on Epic.
This is the default location, Drive where windows stores your documents, (or the drive you specified for game related files when you installed the game from Epic):
Documents\My games\Borderlands 3\Saved\Screenshots\WindowsNoEditor


Thanks…I’ll try and see how to make avg not a problem, if that’s it.

Appreciate it. :slight_smile:

With AVG disabled, I CAN save screenshots. I don’t know how to tell AVG to let the screenshots be saved without simply turning it off…lol.

Here you go:

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