When is a good time to use the golden keys?

I just received me 25 Golden keys when is the best time to use them? any recommendations would be great thanks in advance

I usually use them along my way in a playthrough when I feel like I am really struggling and not finding any good weapons to carry myself.

yea just didn’t know if i should use all 25 or do the guns get better as you level up and such

The gear out of the golden chest will most of the time be of purple rarity. Rarely anything else. The gear will always be on level.

So just as @Kitty_Jo said just use them when you’re struggling to progress. I’d just use two or three keys at a time.

What they said - I blow through a bunch whenever I’m particularly stuck for gear. Also, @Gulfwulf is keeping track of new keys for BL2 here along with a similar thread for TPS ones in the equivalent sub-category.

Use them during TVHM when the difficulty starts getting to you; purples and E-techs are gonna be useless by the third playthrough.

I use a few every 5 levels as they are useful but Snowman farming pretty much gives you the two best loot chests in the game without using keys.

Keys are amazing for picking up decent guns at your level if you dont have time to farm.

Snowman, and the Wattle Gobbler are my favourite farms.

I don’t even like Farming, and killing those guys are fun. They (and their chests) jusT REGURGITATE purple!


Yeah the Turkey is great for loot and is that a Cia AV? Thats pure win.

Frickin’ rights it is!

…I don’t know what yours is. AAghggnh-

Mines is myself… sorta… or my City of Heroes/Champions Online toon Nepht a buddy did that pic for me awhile back :3

Aaah, I gotcha! Well I’m almost interested further now!

Depends if you start many new characters. I tend to hit it at 10, then 20, then every five levelsish. That way you’ll be stacked every time you start over, just use claptraps secret stash to store em. Cheers

I found aa site for keys. Some work from two years ago. I’d say I could cash in up to 300-500 keys. Just takes to dang long to get codes typed in.