When is Aurilla the baronness coming out

Will she come out this month?

The world will never know…

Until it’s announced. Or released suddenly. Or leaked. Or hacked and released on torrent sites like all those terrible Sony movies that nobody wanted to see anyway were.

Moved, as this isn’t news.

She hasn’t even been officially announced so we have no idea.

It isn’t? :open_mouth:

@Simply_Zer0: if GBX continues with their previous release schedule, we won’t be seeing her until the story DLC has been released, so no, she won’t be coming out this month. Just wait until she’s announced and then you’ll have your release date.

Perhaps. I think she’s probably more ready than the story DLC as they seem to be implying that the story DLC will be as big as DLC 4 was for BL2. So my guess for the story DLC is possibly June. And the leaked info for the 6th class of TPS seemed pretty far along already. So it feels like it could release any month now. I still think it’s this month. I’ll be skeptical though if we get to mid January without hearing anything. Perhaps it’s more like February? Who knows. They do I suppose. id software answer perhaps? (“when it’s ready”)

Rumor is it that the story DLC is almost 3x as big as BL2DLC4. 5 gigs, to be accurate. But that’s the rumor, so don’t take it for granted.

And the source for the rumour is…?

Repeating unsubstantiated rumours isn’t as helpful as you might think. If it hasn’t come from gearbox, it’s probably not true.


She looks interesting but I’m not in too much hurry. I’ve got my hands full with the five characters already out, only two or which I’ve done UVHM with.

That would put it on par to be the same size as the base game.

Well, coming from gearbox quite defeats the purpose of being a rumor. I personally don’t believe it, mostly because something so huge would require too much creative work, and many factors prove that the Pre-Sequel didn’t really excel on that, and, as @Poisonedbite mentioned, that size would put the DLC on par with the main game.

So…why mention it? I mean, yes, you were clear that it was a rumour, but why repeat it if you don’t even believe it yourself?

I still don’t see her coming out this month, but I’ll wait for GBX to make an official announcement. I’m more interested in what the story DLC is going to include personally.

Hope, I guess. I like to see people getting their hopes up when they know about the rumor. And even if they get struck down by the rumor, like I did, that helps enjoying the DLC when it comes out since you won’t have hope nor hype, so it’s easier to be satisfied.

Just like I was with the Holodome.

What is the usual time between announcement and release? Even if they announced it next week they might not release it for 3 weeks.

I’m just imagining folk going ‘WAAHHH IT’S NOT 10 GIG GBX ROBBED ME OMG BAIT AND SWITCH!!’.

That’s how these things go…


I think Jack was announced about a week before his release. Maybe 2 but I think it was less.

It could just be my impatience once we see these things to play them that makes it seem longer…

And I’m counting from official announcement to the release date. Not datamined info or a tweet from Pitchford or anything.

I remember saying something like this in another thread. Anyways, agreed…