When is Borderlands 3 Coming out? Any ideas anyone

Yeah I was just curious about when the next borderlands is going to be coming out? I heard they have already started working on it from researching around, but I bet it’s going to be awesome. If so, what do you think it might be about, what characters are going to be in it, what’s the gear going to be like, ext… Any ideas please let me know. Also if your an Xbox One player of borderlands 2, please feel free to add me as your friend so we can play sometime.

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They announced earlier this year they started on it, I would imagine 2.5-3 years to make it. So late 2017 to 2018 most likely.

I doubt we will even see a trailer until 2017, maybe some 2016 teases at most.

This is all my guessing, I have no inside info.

Yeah that’s about what I heard as well but wasn’t sure… I’m still so curious what it’s going to be like lol?

Gamertag: singularlime57

We don’t really know what its going to be like, I don’t think they will stray too far from what borderlands have been already. I wouldn’t expect it to be a mmo or anything like that or other rumors that float around.

A few ideas that wouldn’t shock me

  • I wouldn’t be shocked if they use the updated unreal by then
  • While I doubt it will be an MMO, more connected features might come out with it
  • Maybe 5-6 player co-op possible with newer hardware instead of 4
  • I hope we still get a lot of TPS stuff, like double jump but not low gravity. I love butt slams and think they should stay.

Story wise there are a lot of hints in Tales of the Borderlands if you have not played that I would.

I bet they stay with the formula that is proven but expand on it. A lot of people like Diablo’s seasons and maybe that would be a good edition.

Yeah definately, of course it would make since that they would use new hardware, and most likely like with the Xbox 360, they eventually came out with the slim and other revisions of the console. I think this would happen to the Xbox and the PS4 to cram more power out of the gaming expirience. Cool post though I like your ideas for sure. You know what I really, really, really can’t wait for is? Elder Scrolls 6, now that is going to be a Badass game lmao.

Gamertag: singularlime57