When is Galilea being nerfed she is way too powerful

Every time a player uses her , on my team or not , he just wrecks the entire map . I tried her once and even though I didn’t even have the game then I was pretty much unlikable with her. . This character is outright broken.

She needs to get her damage lowered , a tank shouldn’t be able to kill 3 characters in a face to face brawl. Add any other support character behind her and the match is pretty much done.
people say it’s easy to miss with her stun , but no , it’s not , and the stun is pretty much a death sentence.
She needs the stun replaced by a slow proc or her damage severely reduced.

It’s her ranged attack on level 3 that is the problem.

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Galilea has had several balancing updates (or ‘nerfs’ one might say), because she used to be overpowered (in comparison to other characters). Last time I checked the general consensus was, that she’s more balanced now (STILL compared to other characters).

Also, who told you Galilea was a tank? From what I know, there are only 2 Characters specifically labeled as Tanks (Boldur & ISIC).
Not saying that you can’t tank with other characters (like Montana), I just never considered Galilea to be one.

As for her range attack, I consider it an integral part of her kit. I could live with a slight damage nerf, though.

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[quote=“Sm0kerCrew, post:3, topic:1540500, full:true”]Also, who told you Galilea was a tank?

She’s labelled as a “Peacekeepers Defender”, which is the general category that tanks are within (as opposed to the “traits” listed below it). Her stats and abilities definitely mean that she’s not a tank though (she’s actually rather squishy; her “tanky” elements are her shield, which is the weakest shield in the game).

I think she fills her role pretty well. Was in a match against one the other day and they made it very difficult for us to push when we had opportunities.

Her damage feels just a little high to me, but I agree with @Lftstrafe that the thing that really bugs me is her ranged attack. The range is a huge boost in and of itself without it also being a dps increase. The final hit of her ranged combo is one of those things I look at and think “why did anyone ever think that was a good idea?”, sort of like the former 25% on Plasmite Transducer.


Well , I don’t know about the general concensus , I only see what’s going on when I play . Every single player I see using her is destroying the opposing team . Also , the game clearly says she’s a tank character and her alternate fire is a shield.
No man , she is way too powerful to stay in that state. When I see a match with lvl 100 people getting like 4 kills each and galilea getting 25 on a regular basis , there is a problem.
Personally , everytime I get stunned , she kills me before I can get away. And like I said , I killed people left and right when I tried the game the first time , my friend even told me to use her.

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No, it says that she’s a “Peacekeeper Defender”. The only characters actually called “tanks” are Boldur and ISIC.

Once again, CR is no indicator of skill. I’ve met and known CR100 players who are pretty much incompetent in PvP (and others at PvE); a high CR just means that they’ve played a lot.

[quote]Personally , everytime I get stunned , she kills me before I can get away. And like I said , I killed people left and right when I tried the game the first time , my friend even told me to use her.

Galilea is another character, like Boldur, that does extremely well against people who are not prepared to adapt their tactics. Galilea is an utterly amazing one-on-one character. If you gang up on her, she’s gonna die (shield won’t do anything from the side and she’s not very durable); she loses a bunch of her damage and all of her range if she takes any health damage.

In my experience, while she totally owns the early game, she lags behind on the late game, when other characters have had a chance to fully develop their kits, and requires support for any sustained engagement.

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Not sure where you are getting your facts from, Her shield is 1k HP Same as ISIC. The only character that has a 2k HP Shield is Boldur and that’s because he doesn’t have shields to being with.

[quote=“stephenruitto, post:8, topic:1540500, full:true”]Not sure where you are getting your facts from, Her shield is 1k HP Same as ISIC. The only character that has a 2k HP Shield is Boldur and that’s because he doesn’t have shields to being with.

Boldur only gets a 2k shield if he takes the helix option at level 3, which doubles his shield from 1k to 2k and allows him to move at full speed while it’s up (the command tab info is not correct but the in mission info is; for another example, the command rank info for Alani says Full Saturation gives 100% DR when, in reality, it gives 30%). Guess what ISIC has at level 7? If you guessed “a helix that allows him to double the strength of his shield from 1k to 2k”, you win.

I’m so sick of people arguing that because she’s already been nerfed that she is no longer OP.

Yes she was nerfed but that doesn’t change the fact that her kit is overloaded.

She has stun, silence, pull, wound, a shield, escape, slow and a melee attack which can be augmented for range.

Not only that but her debuffs and cc are so simple to execute it is literally mindless.

Ghalt has to at least predict movement and aim his hook to get a pull, Gal can get the same pull from similar range by just pressing a button…

NO character has as much in their kit and the lvl 3 helix is completely ridiculous.


Let’s see, how did I put it in the Boldur thread?

Ah, yes. Quoth myself:

"Nine times out of ten, it’s going to be more that the player they were competing against had better tactical knowledge / more knowledge of the map / a better understanding of their own character / an overall superior comprehension of the meta (whom they should fight versus avoid) / better team composition to support them / a higher level of skill at playing Battleborn.

And that’s basically, nine times out of ten, what causes nerf politicking. It isn’t that they actually want the opposing character to be nerfed, it’s more that they want to be better at the game which they believe in their mind they will be if the character is nerfed.

And to paraprhase myself: You need to provide hard evidence as to why a character needs to be nerfed. ‘Oh no, they beat me!’ is not hard evidence. You need to actually play the character, gain an understanding of how they work both generally and in the meta, and then provide a detailed explanation of what’s broken. Often, actually playing as a character someone thinks is OP will completely change their perspective.

Also, finally, paraphrasing myself once more: Yes, because all of this nerf herding is so intelligent. Let’s nerf Battleborn! It will be the best when everyone does 1 damage and 1 healing with their base attack, special attacks, and ultimates, unaffected by their helixes or gear. Certainly that would make for a much more enjoyable experience!

I don’t mean to sass, but Gearbox tends to jump the gun with nerfing, so this needs to be said in every ill-considered, undetailed thread about nerfing.

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In my opinion, she is 90% balanced. The only thing that needs to change is the fact that her level 3 ranged helix stacks on top of her melee. So, if you’re in melee range, you are effectively taking 177% damage if she has full health at LEVEL 3. This is a bit ridiculous. That is my sole problem. If she hits you with melee, you should not also take damage from her ranged attack.

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No, just no. If you’re still getting bodied by a Galilea at this point then that’s on your failing as a player. It’s ridiculous to pretend otherwise.

If we (and this is directed at anyone who still thinks Galilea is OP). If we were playing basketball and I kept dropping 3 pointers on you because you refuse to adapt your defense, what would you do? Demand that I stop shooting 3’s? Tell me it’s no fair and refuse to play me anymore? Ask them to nerf the 3 point line and increase the distance?

No. You’d either get better or you’d continue to lose.

Galilea is fine. The playerbase obsessed with nerfing her, not so much.


As has been stated above she has access to almost all CC in the game excluding blind whilst the majority of the remaining characters have 1-2 CC effects. To suggest in light of this evidence that her kit is even remotely balanced with the rest of the cast is almost nonsensical.

Secondly, a melee character with access to a ranged attack that is not a skill which can be stacked on top of her melee DPS for no downside is not balanced. Perhaps making the sword lasers a helix choice to substitute her shield to have it as a separate secondary like shaynes boomerang so a gain to DPS would require a sacrifice?

Galilea will almost certainly be reworked in the big update we can only hope her CC and ranged helix are addressed.


Man that whole “she has every cc in the game” thing is tired. It’s super reductive and lacks context. For one, all of her CC except the stun is a PBAoE which means you have to be in her range and stay in her range. Secondly, the stun is single target and is a skill shot so it’s not a guaranteed hit.

So no, throwing out a generic list of all of her CCs without explaining how they actually play out in a team fight doesn’t prove anything. And her projectiles are super situational. Even without shield pen it’s not hard to get her off of full health.

She’s been nerf’d enough. It’s time to put down the torches and pitchforks. If you’re getting bodied by Galilea ask for help instead of nerfs because she’s been worked over thoroughly.

GBX has already said that the big update they’re looking everyone but 2 characters and I’d put money on those 2 being Alani and Galilea since they’ve been tweaked so much.


[quote=“palmedic89, post:14, topic:1540500, full:true”]Secondly, a melee character with access to a ranged attack that is not a skill which can be stacked on top of her melee DPS for no downside is not balanced.

As has been said over and over, the sword beams only occur when she is at max hp. If you have any shield pen or hit her with anything of substance, she’s going to lose it immediately. Galilea requires either 1 on 1 fights that she can dominate or the support of a healer.

The only nerf I would expect on her ranged attack is a reduction in its range (e.g. it won’t travel as far) and/or speed (e.g. it won’t travel as fast). Maybe reducing the number of sword beams on her spin from 5 to 3, and maybe reducing the damage by 20-30%.

That is absolutely the point the majority of her CC is on one single skill. She has more CC on a single skill than most character’s kits contain.

A single context of flanking an enemy BB, desecrate, single attack chain to stun will be surprisingly effective to the point it is almost mindless. Not to mention if I am already full health I may not even need the stun mid-late game after the slow helix since the two attacks stack. It is simply too potent.

As a melee character I am not sure as to why she would need a ranged attack let alone one that is not a skill. Further, the range is hardly the concern it is the ability to hit with both the ranged blast and melee whilst in melee range eliminating the need for a ranged attack at all. So perhaps having to sacrifice survivability for the added DPS (as I have suggested above) would balance this aspect.

But I digress for we are well aware that a re-work is coming which is exciting to say the least.

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Who do you struggle with in melee with Galilea? If she gets the drop on you you’re supposed to be at a disadvantage. That’s how it works! If you get the drop on her it goes both ways.

That’s not a character design problem, that’s you getting out played by a strong character.

To be honest the majority of the time I have no problem against a Galilea (I main Boldur so I have the edge in that match up) so unless I have had a brain fade and over extended which is my fault or its a 2v1 etc. there is no issue and if I was having trouble I would use the forums for help as I have before.

The above example is from the time I’ve spent playing Galilea where I was finally convinced that she still has too much in her kit since it was just too simple. Hell I even refrain from taking the ranged attack since it feels dirty and cheap to use but that is just my opinion. So no hate meant for Galilea but she does need to be brought in line with the others how? Well we I’ll wait and see how the update handles it :slight_smile:

In regards to an earlier statement that she has been over nerfed I need simply refer to ambra who lost all of her range, damage and her tiny bit of CC on her ultimate. This is an example of an over nerf and this is not what has happened to Galilea

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Here’s a question for you: what would you think about having her hit with her melee attack disabling the ranged attack for a very short period, like a second? This would allow a smart player to get in an alpha strike with the third hit of the combo in melee range but keep them from hitting with both repeatedly.