When is Galilea being nerfed she is way too powerful

See this is the problem. You likely know what you’re doing so any of the strong top - tier characters you use will body players that don’t know what to do. Again that’s a player skill situation not an imbalance in character design.

What mode are you talking about? Also… You’re asking for nerfs despite stating that she “isn’t a problem for you”? How does that make sense? If she’s not a problem then she’s not imbalanced.

Strong characters will make people rage in the hands of skilled players. Look what Kelvin, Rath and Boldur can do (if we’re talking melee).
I remember the forums bemoaning how Boldur can’t 1v1 Galilea and then I looked into it myself. Lvl 15 Boldur Mastery later and I can eat Gal for breakfast. I’ve NEVER had problems with her, on any character period.

Personal skill deficits are too often cited as character imbalances on this forum. Thankfully GBX has been balancing based on data and their own metrics of performance. Also I don’t know why you think she’s getting nerf’d again after having like 4 balancing passes. We’ll see I guess.

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[quote=“Misguided, post:20, topic:1540500, full:true”]Here’s a question for you: what would you think about having her hit with her melee attack disabling the ranged attack for a very short period, like a second? This would allow a smart player to get in an alpha strike with the third hit of the combo in melee range but keep them from hitting with both repeatedly.

If they did that, they’d probably need to remove the health restriction. Dangerous to Go Alone is really powerful but also really easy to shut down. If you can get just the slightest tap to her health (any shield pen; also, getting in your own alpha strike will do it), she loses a lot of damage and any practical ranged damage dealing capability.

The only really major change I would look into would be preventing Dangerous to Go Alone from stacking Corruption. Galilea is a whirlwind of destruction when she gets going (the DoT heal from Corruption isn’t impressive, but Antihero is ridiculous) but Dangerous to Go Alone makes it really easy to build up plenty of Corruption before she even gets into melee (and Antihero also makes DtGA more dangerous so it’s kind of a feedback loop until you hit max Corruption).

While it’s definitely against the concept/reference of the helix (and, as such, will probably never happen), it might be better for DtGA to only provide the ranged attack when Galilea is already at max Corruption (without the health restriction). It would reduce her opening burst by a huge amount while still giving her decent killing power and runner-killing capability (assuming they stick around long enough for her to build up Corruption).

It’s always seemed to be that corruption really feels like an underutilized part of Gal’s kit. It doesn’t do all that much damage (esp compared to Gal’s basic attack spin-to-win), all that much healing, and, if it weren’t for Antihero, I doubt anyone would really pay any attention to it. It would go a long way to addressing burst damage concerns (as well as “her kit is too broad/easy”) if they tied more of her mechanics to only operating while with no Corruption (e.g. out of combat) or at max Corruption (e.g. in combat for at least ~5 secs).

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What else does desecrate do though? You have to spec it for damage which means you would lose the silence and the damage is super low. It weakens enemies so they take more damage, but not enough to merit taking away major points of her kit.

What does her ultimate do? Halves damage taken after doing a two second animation to go underground which you can then be knocked out and if you stay in it long enough then you gain max 250 health which is nothing in most situations outside of fleeing.

What does her shield throw do? Little damage and you lose your shield for 20 secs unless you pick it up or you take the first left helix choice which you would have to sacrifice the pull effect for. Her stun is the best thing about this ability but you have to be accurate and at mid range . Too close let’s enemies circle around you, too far makes enemies know to maneuver around, mid range is your best shot but you still have to be accurate.

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This is something I don’t understand and keep seeing. Why is everyone going 1v1? If you’re in Incursion then you should have 8 people around you supporting and attacking.

There is no reason someone should get flanked by a Galilea and die while Galilea walks away unharmed. That person was out of position if they were able to get flanked without their teammates attacking Galilea.

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Anyone who complains about going up against Gal 1v1 elicits a facepalm from me. She’s a 1v1 beast. She’s the offensive equivalent of Boldur (i.e. you’ll pretty much never kill Boldur 1v1 and you’ll pretty much never survive a 1v1 against Galilea); you either have to ambush her (getting rid of DtGA with your alpha and killing her while she’s charging/setting up) or have friends, both of which are appropriate tactics.

Even if she has dedicated support, it’s not like she can really survive sustained fire even with a Miko because she’s not tough like Boldur (or any true tank); for Gal, healers exist to bring back DtGA in the middle of combat (making her burst/alpha strike her continuous DPS), not to actually make sure she survives the onslaught.

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Good points.

I just never understood why 1v1 anyone. In all my games, unless someone leaves or when they die and ditto for the opposing team, I/we play 5v5. We play as a team.

I play with randos so not every matchup is team focused but I get lucky 3/5 games.

I’ve lost and won on bad and good teams though so honestly I don’t see how people can blame one character for holding down an entire team. Your teammates and their skills + the opposing team and their player skills will determine the outcome of a game. Not an ability on one character.

[quote=“orionwannabe, post:26, topic:1540500, full:true”]I just never understood why 1v1 anyone.

Because people are used to twitch-FPSs where a single amazing player can wipe the entire other team and teamwork isn’t really a major concern. It’s only after they realize this is more of a MOBA (that happens to use an FPS engine) that they’ll start focusing on team play rather than single player glory/heroics.

Yeah I forget that people still don’t realize how much Battleborn is team based.

Gbx and 2K should advertise that more I guess. Lol. Remind everyone in the battleplans or something.

Maybe they could put detailed descriptions on the modes and also characters to really enforce playing as a team and utilizing characters correctly. Everyone has their own playstyles and that’s a good thing but people need to learn which characters effectively match their playstyle. That way we don’t see tanking Miko’s on Capture trying to kill everyone instead of playing the objective.

A lot of my friends that have seen BB and considered buying it assume that it’s a team-based twitch-FPS like TF2 or Overwatch because that’s what it looks like on the surface. When you actually start playing it, however, it’s obvious that it’s much more like a MOBA or RPG-FPS (in the BL mold) insofar as the actual play is concerned: enemies and players take a lot longer to kill, team play is fundamental rather than simply useful, and there’s a lot more character customization and advancement.

Rather than trying to compete with Overwatch, I honestly think it would be/have been better if BB had tried to point out that is an entirely different genre than Overwatch, despite the aesthetic/surface similarities.


Yes you’re correct.

They definitely needed to separate all the comparisons with overwatch and any game really. I see BB as a stand alone but so many people bash on it because it’s not enough like Smite, Overwatch, LoL, etc… Instead of enjoying it for what it’s trying to be, people are quick to judge the uniqueness and non singular genre and BB’s lack of features that other games have.

You can compare Battleborn and Overwatch when considering “would I rather play a game focused on PvP or get one with both PvP and PvE?”. It’s when people start saying that Overwatch has these types of maps which are better than BB’s maps but they don’t consider the fact that BB is Moba like with RPG and FPS elements and its maps represent that.

Mind you, I have many issues with the game, gbx, and 2k. That doesn’t mean I don’t like it or can’t defend them all on certain debatable topics.

I was nodding my head in agreement with all your posts well before I noticed your forum name LOL

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To be honest I would class myself as a below average player and having played a simple 10 matches as Galilea I would not expect to be ‘bodying’ anyone with a balanced character unless they were very new to the game in which case you wouldn’t play Galilea or a top tier character against them anyway yet I can to use your words.

Most of my experience is on incursion (hard to get a match of anything else sadly) which with 3 lanes often leads to flanking and 1v1s where melee characters excel. Do I get away unscathed? No but I still escape after the kill or jump into the middle of a group to use desecrate and disrupt.

At first without playing her I thought the previous balancing was enough but as I played her I saw the shear impact the average player can have using her is insane. That’s where I found her CC to just be too much. Seriously, 3 CC on one skill by end game characters have been nerfed for less (or people call for them at least).

I believe she will be getting re-worked firstly since all but 2 characters are in the update and secondly it was mentioned a while ago in a dev stream that it would happen along with the ambra re-work. Alani and orendi are in my opinion the most likely to be left untouched but that is only speculation.


To be honest I would class myself as a below average player…

That’s exactly my point. Your opinion of Gal is the kind of opinion people have who are still learning the game. That’s why I speak out against it so much; to try and inform new people as well as encourage general individual player improvement. And…yes, to make sure that the “vocal majority” incorporates both sides.

You’ve played 10 matches as Galilea and because you do well with her you think she’s OP? What!?! So if I pick up a random character and do really well because they have an easy learning curve then that character is OP right? My first character was Oscar Mike and netted ridiculous damage/kills per match. Since I did well with him does that make him OP too? Then there’s variables to consider like…the skill of the people you were playing against/with.

Ok I’m going to try one more time to explain this:

  • Contrary to the tool tip she has a pretty easy to moderate learning curve.
  • She’s powerful out of the box and gets strong Helixes early.
  • Galilea exposes bad players because she severely punishes squishy Support/Attackers out of position or teams THAT AREN’T PAYING ATTENTION TO ONE ANOTHER.
  • Her CC pull/silence/slow/ is melee range and a PBAoE patch.

We’re going to keep going around in this unless one of us stops so it might as well be me.

I believe she will be getting re-worked firstly since all but 2
characters are in the update and secondly it was mentioned a while ago
in a dev stream that it would happen along with the ambra re-work.

Links please. Last dev stream I saw was before the big Gal nerf that changed Desecrate to “on activation” instead of a perpetual patch as well as nerfing her attack while Sprinting.


Well we are all learning the game still right? Even despite an obscene amount of time spent in game we are all still learning. (Sensing a little condescension here)

From your explanation above you have described an assassin class almost to the letter of which Galilea was not intended to be (if we are to believe the tags she was given).

I can only base my analysis off of my personal experience both against and with Galilea since I do not have access to the analytics that GBX have obviously. But to determine if she is indeed out performing her fellow defensive brawlers such as Attikus, Kelvin, Boldur is just not possible for anyone outside of GBX due to the variables you have mentioned and the lack of information we have as consumers. So neither of us are in position to have any say on this matter it seems.

My apologies if you missed the Playing with the Devs stream as that is where I believe the re-balancing was mentioned but I’m sure you will be able to find a mention of it some where :slight_smile:

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I will admit to being an imcompetent CR100


Me too.

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galilea is fine, they already did a bunch of balance updates to her so… no more nerfs im not sorry that the people that used her on your team probably had ALOT of practice with her OP. plus any character with a healer behind them is OP with your logic so yea thats a pretty bad excuse to nerf her even though she doesnt need it

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I’m still yet to be convinced that she is balanced as a territorial defender. There are no justifications for why she has not been changed at all when she continues to out perform the other brawlers significantly in terms of CC and area control.

Ghalt has been unfairly nerfed whilst Galilea suffers from the same helix problem and remains unchanged. Ghalt players have a reason to be annoyed based on that fact alone. Even so Alani and ISIC have their sole CC nerfed (which requires aim to even land) whilst Galilea maintains all of hers haha and doesn’t even have to aim it just merely be near an enemy.

One change is almost mandatory - the level 3 right helix. Not because it is OP (it does double DPS though and that is comparable to some ultimates) but because it makes the other option non-existent. A main reason for the Ghalt change.

Until then I will be sure to taunt every Galilea kill though as we all did with the other OP characters such as beta Ambra or launch Alani haha like a personal lore challenge :wink:

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the reason she has that area control and CC is because she is territorial and the only other one that is territorial is toby but because he is so squishy he has to keep his territory by sniping from a distance

Let me reiterate…

What else does she have besides the cc effects? She has one of the strongest kits in terms of CC capability but only in a medium sized aoe that you can easily avoid or stay out of. She has area cc control and base damage that is decent but you still have to build both of these up. That’s all she has and everyone is crying to take that away from her.

I think she’s plenty balanced and they are removing two of her projectiles from Dangerous to go Alone today so that is a nerf technically.

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