When is rath getting a balanced set of stats?

Hi all just played a few games after the changes and I have had a few massive game breaking plays against a rath or 2. First of all he seems immune to alani’s riptide skill as he just walks through it, secondly his cool down on his abilities are silly fast. I just played a round on incursion and watched him tank the alt from alani with a emergence where he dropped down and killed me in 1.5 seconds for 1500 damage. Where he casually strolls over to ghalt who is unloading his ult into his head where he slices and dices him then a marquis and a Oscar mike. Now all of this happened in 5-7 seconds. The fact that he can run at the same speed as alani while she uses ride-the-wave makes this obscene. Please gearbox this character needs his cooldowns altered and his speed. Yes I know he is a CC charachter but watching him cut through a kelvin, el dragon and galilea at the same time shows how potent he is. And before you say he requires skill, no pressing your skills one after the other in pretty much any order is not skilled same as kist pulling and holding attack is not skilled. At least boulder needs some thinking and galilea needed some aim for shiled throw. Please just look into him. Because one rath going 18-1 against a full team and the rest of his own team only getting 8 kills between them shows some serious imbalance on this character.

He’s anything but a cc character. It’s his job to slice through teams, at the cost of range, health, and reliable aoe cc. Literally all he’s good at is spin to win, and canceling it with a stun or a silence makes him one of the worst melee characters until his ult is off of cooldown.

i dont agree. i think rath is really average except for his ultimate attack. that being said, i would love to see him have a more well rounded kit, but do something about being able to just knock people up in the air, silence them, and then be able to pretty much get 1-3 guaranteed kills.


I’ve played this game a lot since release. I’ve played every character except Alani (no season pass) and feel I have a fairly good understanding of the mechanics and their interactions within the game. I’ve played PvP for the most part, but not exclusively. I think I hold my own. Out of all the characters, I have had the toughest time with Rath. PvE not so much but in PvP I struggle. I don’t know why, maybe it’s just my playstyle. To me it feels like you need to find a balance between your damage and sustain. I can tell you though, if a Rath was able to kill a whole team, on incursion, within 5-7 seconds, the fault does not lie within the character.

Rath is meant to be a simple character with a single goal- git in there and get a kill or 3. For a more well-rounded melee character, consider someone like Kelvin, Galilea (my conscience can be clear after the patch) or even Pheobe, but Rath is by design not a well-rounded character, and isn’t supposed to be.

He definitely needs adjusted. His ult is just insanely overpowered for how easy it is to use.

That said, Ghalt’s ult is also pretty garbage. I swear his regular attacks with slugs have higher damage output than his ult.

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I would love to see them re-wrok Rath. It’s strange seeing someone start 0-10, get to level 5, and then end 10-10 because he got Dreadwind.

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I’ve been playing since open beta, and I’m level 100 curently, and there are few characters that terrify me when it comes to fighting or engaging, no matter who I’m playing. Rath, Gali, Montana are the top three heroes that if they come in for the kill and a semi decent player is using them, its almost a garenteed death, rath is able to get a total of 50% life steal with the right items, which is ridiculous. His knock up which stuns/silences you is way too much for how low a level he gets it, and the spin just needs to be halfed in damage , because he has done 1200 damage to me in 3 seconds before while I’m playing WF. Half that its still 600 to everyone around him, and it means they can’t just smash their face against their keyboard/controller and get a triple kill

As a Galilea main, Rath actually scares me sometimes if he blindsides me. But I just throw up my shield, get a bead on him, stun, and it’s lights out. Myself and my team are on that big red target instantly. Like most DPS characters, it’s when you fear him irrationally and try to run, rather than shut him down, that he succeeds.

There’s a reason one of his battle cries is “HA HA HA, YES, RUN!”

Keep your eye on your mini map, track him around corners, and don’t let him ambush you. Having a Rath on the enemy team is like having a velociraptor on the field. You’d be silly to let your guard down when moving around corners or tight spaces.

Rath is meh without his ultimate. Take it away and nobody will pick him.

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Truth. The ultimate is the only reason I get nervous around him. Without it, he just wails on my shield.

Slugs do more damage than his ult by far. I also was expecting if you selected slugs his ult would fire slugs but no…it fires pellets at that poop range and barely does any damage.

Funny thing though, if you choose the pellet spread and shoot from long distance, a single pellet hitting a crit spot will cause full crit damage without the range drop off.