When is Rath getting fixed?

I’m so tired of Rath’s broken ass combo it’s not even funny. And don’t even say all you need is quick melee because that doesn’t work with most characters. He would be the one character banned in tourney play if there was tourney play because kills are so important mid to late game. Lastly, don’t say he’s basically insta-dead after his ult because with any smarts or simple teamwork, he’s not dead and he just waits to do it again.

Just put blind back on Catalytic Flash instead of silence…

Edit: Oh, and the other thing that makes Rath’s combo so ridiculous is the fact that Catalytic Flash interrupts your skills so even if you press the button first, you still lose. Much like how Galilea’s silence would cancel skills.


Honestly man I used to feel the same way, but there are so many counters to him. With most characters he has to use his whole combo (knock up/silence/slow/dreadwind) to net the kill. The same applies for characters like Thorn, Orendi, etc. If many characters use their whole combo on you you’re dead.

I do think it needs to be toned down just because it’s soooo easy to use, but a lot of times my team will just try to bait it out, silence him, and then he’s a free kill.

Edit: again, I’m agreeing in principle, but I don’t think it’s AS big of a deal as I once thought it was, especially after playing as Rath for a little bit.


That’s not even his whole combo though. He just has to land one skill and that’s it; if he misses Catalytic Flash, he just waits for the cooldown to initiate it again. At least Thorn has to hit you with Volley, Blight, and her Ult.

Idk It’s only a free kill for me when the Rath slows me, silences me, and knocks me up first. If he just comes in and dreadwinds it’s hilariously easy to get away. I played a level 5 Rath one game that didn’t use the knock up or slow first and he went like 0-18.


To fix him I’d just increase the cooldown on smash and dreadwing so they are still powerful and combo but you can’t use them in such quick succession

A big point with Rath is that while his combo is typically lethal and easy to see as op because the one who receives it is pretty helpless once he gets his silence (especially with the juggle, which I agree does need to be toned down), this isn’t a 1v1 game. You have a bunch of teammates, and at least one or two of them will have some ability to peel Rath off of you, since any hard cc interrupts his ult and his basic attacks are nothing special. If somehow you manage to line up with everyone and everyone gets silenced, that’s not Rath being op, that’s poor teamwork.


Like I stated above, I recently have gotten into Rath and I have to say his Catalytic Smash/ Crossblade can do some serious damage by itself. Way more than I thought it did playing against him. Now when I get 100-0 by a Rath assuming all of the damage was Dreadwind, I press X to find that his other two skills accounted for a lot fo the damage themselves.

I find an enemy Miko (a good one) to be a much more pain in the arse. Or El dragon, Phobe, Renya… Actually it’s just GOOD players in general. I’ve dominated Raths as thorn/Deande/Orendi, and been dominated By Rath with those same characters. Point is, a good player will make ANY character OP. I’ve seen Rath go 20+ kills in a match and their team still lose. I’ve seen the opposite as well. Team play + good sense of characters strengths/weaknesses will win games, or at least make them great matches.


They will, get round to pisoabblt fixing it!

Why would any good player JUST use Dreadwind?

He’s also a melee character with less HP then Marquis… If your team is smart even if he gets his combo off there are many characters that can cancel his dreadwind usually leaving him in an awful place and dead. Almost every tank and the two real healers can. His weakness is awareness and quick melee since it cannot be silenced.

He’s a pubstomp character… if the enemy team is well coordinated he feels pretty useless. Unlike most other characters.

With how backloaded into Dreadwind his kit is these are enormous weaknesses… that said I could see them removing some of his 100-0 power in return for more survival or sustained damage. Might make him less frustrating to newbies while making him more viable in higher levels of play.

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I definitely think Miko’s heal needs adjustment considering there is no limitation to it. I was shooting at a shepard with Mellka as Miko was healing it and Miko could heal more than I could damage, that’s not right.

Mostly on Marquis that are sniping and not really paying attention. I have a pretty high KD with Rath and with Marquis if you get the drop on him you only need dreadwind, other than that I always use the combo. But I can give you a list of characters that Rath does have more trouble against.

Galilea - Rath basically has to avoid a Galilea during the beginning of the match and if he is targetted by Galilea early game Rath won’t be able to do anything. Shoot Rath has trouble fighting Galilea until he hits level 5.
Phoebe - This matchup comes down to who hits their slow first, after that it is pretty much decided
Toby - With his shield and Mines he can shut down flanks on your team, which is what Rath relies on
Melka - She is very hard to track with her movement skills and if you can keep jumping over Rath your poison will kill him, he doens’t have much health.
Ghalt - Rath has to use his skills to kill the scraptrap or just avoid them, which can make fighting Ghalt a risky move.

This is just some of the characters and reasons why they are good at fighting Rath, Galilea is really the strongest and Tobi being a good pick if you are in a team as Tobi can protect most of your team from Rath by using his skills to get Rath away from Team mates

I think it sorta says it all when you list Galilea as Rath’s strongest opponent yet she’s only trouble until level 5. Rath can do plenty before level 5 like minion killing and building to get his levels. Even then Rath is still decent in a fight without his Ult. To me, Mellka and Thorn are Rath’s only sorta threat due to them having access to a much stronger quick melee and thus being able to get out of Rath’s Ult and causing him to basically waste it.

Mind you these are suggestions for pub groups, in team vs team matches Rath is really more of a hinderance unless his team sets him up for kills.
When I play premade against premade, it really doesn’t matter who the other team is playing if they make sure that they cover eachother. Rath is really not ideal for team vs team fights more just the 1v1, he gets targetted or stunned he is dead because he doesn’t have an escape. If you can keep rath from leveling faster than your team you will see they won’t do well, he really only does well when he gets his Ult first and can use it a few times before the enemy team starts getting theirs.

quick melee and jumping on elevated surfaces you need to jump on one or both work.
Also cc duration reduction but that stat is just plain ass because it only works if you explicitly know what the enemy comp is and currently counter picks for gear is non existent because we only see the enemy comp AFTER we pick our BB’s and gear.

Great, another nerf thread. It’s not like there aren’t endless ways to counter Rath. It’s not like you don’t have 4 other teammates with skills that can push Rath away. A simple slow is enough to stop Rath. But since we are here, allow me to explain some of the many various ways you can stop this combo:

  1. Keep your distance
  2. Quick melee
  3. Communicate with teammates
  4. Strike him first
  5. Jump away while quick melee (I do it with Phoebe all the time)

Not to mention there are characters who can tank his ultimate. Boldur is one to name. Galilea blocking is another. ISIC is another. Kelvin is another. Shayne and Aurox with overshield. The list goes on.

Then there are skills you can use before hand that would stop all this nonsense. Alani geyser is absolutely dreadful. Kelvins escape/stun. Thorns slow. Phoebe slow. Ghalt scrap trap. Benedict in general can jump away. Oscar Mike cloak (speed boost away) There are certain matchups you have to understand.

The truth is, Rath is one of the easiest characters to take out in a 5v5 premade so what are you even talking about saying he would be banned in a tourney? O.o It’s asinine to make a statement like that because there is so much communication going in a 5v5 that all anyone would have to do is ask for help. You act like in a 5v5, NOBODY would use a hard cc to push Rath away :confused: in a competitive match, the team would call out Rath and account for where he is for one, then as soon as he starts his combo or uses Dreadwind, the victims teammates would simply use their cc on Rath. Raths teammates don’t even play a factor because in a team fight, Rath loses health faster than he gains it even with Miko healing him. Plus, if the other team is able to nullify all your teammates before Rath goes in for the kill, that is your teams fault.

Simply put, there are too many ways to deal with this instead of crying for a nerf.


What @Brawlerz16 said, Rath is good in Pubs, but terrible in premades.

I’ve been wrecked by Rath plenty of times, usually because I was out position. Rath is really good at making people pay for mistakes. He can get kills by diving too, but will seldom get away without dying in the process.

The one thing I think really needs to be changed/fixed is bouncing off of people and getting juggled by a skill that wasn’t intended (as far as I know) to have that sort of effect.

I still don’t think any Ultimate in this game should 100-0 someone else at full shields+health.