When is Rath getting fixed?

I know a Rath is up there obviously. I initiate my skill before he does his and mine is canceled out. As Mellka, I know I can escape his death combo though, but most players can’t so what are they supposed to do? Even if you’re a Galilea, Rath will do is Catalytic Flash before your shield throw. Again, simply put blind back on Catalytic Flash like it was originally.

If he is there ping him and walk away or flank him don’t feed the spin.

The “advice” here is so flawed its not even funny.

  1. “move left and right the moment you see him raise his arms”

Putting aside how chaotic this game is and due to the fpv how hard it is to see ANYTHING, especially in close quarters, his launcher fires in a wide arc so you’re usually getting hit anyway.

  1. “just cc him out of his ult”

Very few can actually do that and even then its situational. As Shayne I can fetch him out of it and I imagine halt can do the same but most characters cc takes too long to start up so they are dead before they can throw it.

And that’s ignoring how they’ll be juggled into the ult in the first place so they can’t do anything anyway.

  1. “don’t engage rath”

Really?! So just let him waltz around?! Sometimes you HAVE to feed to stop the enemy team if even for a moment.


You really can’t flank him if he’s on your perch as the enemy most likely has map control and the lightning turret. What would be the problem in putting blind back on Catalytic Flash? Is it really asking too much for Rath to play somewhat smart and like every other character? Do Catalytic Flash and get positioning behind the enemy as they are blinded. I do that with Mellka without having any CC really as you have to outposition the enemy before even using your slow on Spike.

I just don’t feel it’s really necessary I stomp most raths. I got used to him and he really doesn’t scare me much anymore. If they nerf his combo I really feel he won’t be useful at all in real games. Pub stomping wouldn’t change much though.

1.) I can agree with you there for the most part, but if you have a fast dash (Cald and Mellka, pretty much), it’s possible to reliably escape Rath’s knockup.

2.) There are lots of characters with cc fast enough to stop Rath’s ult, and even if you catch him halfway though it still nullifies a lot of his damage. Besides, if you’re 1v1ing Rath, the problem lies with you.

3.) Engage with your teammates.

i’d suggest working more as a team. rath doesn’t need to be “fixed” or nerfed. pvp on battleborn is a team effort game.

It’s the job of the teammates who AREN’T being targeted to CC Rath, not the guy who is silenced and being juggled.

If your team lacks co-ordination and/or CC that’s not a balance problem, it’s a composition problem.

Most people who complain about Rath are solo-queue one man armies who don’t like that they can’t 1v1 everyone in the cast.


please dont nerf rath ult until after i unlock bada bada boom title

This. I love being Ghalt and I see the Combo happening and snatch him away. But with as much people have complained he is getting touched in this battleplan probably :frowning:

There’s only a select few that can interrupt his Ult or get out of it, that’s the problem. It’s just basic game mechanics that the more damage something does, the harder it is to execute yet Rath’s death combo is the easiest to execute while doing the most damage, it doesn’t make much sense.


Yeah the “he’s an assassin” argument is baseless, considering the cone of effect the knock up silence has along with the damage his ult does to everyone. I’d be okay if his ult did a base amount of damage and that damage divided by the amount of targets he hit, but I don’t think this is the case. The knock up silence is truly the issue though; its too effective and too easy to hit. Increase the cool down and make the silence 1.5 secs

He’s overpowered when you are solo queuing but terrible in high-level team play. He’s overpowered in casual play because it is much easier to find someone who overextended and your opponents are rarely communicating. However in high level team play, he is terrible because he can be bursted down pretty quickly and stunned out of his ult.

To everyone that says this, Rath’s team can also be using teamwork in the same manner to either keep him alive during his ult or to create opportunities to get double or triple kills. Rath’s danger isn’t in his ability to kill someone overextended, a lot of characters can do that, but his ability to get multi-kills that will decide wins in close games due to being down 2 or more players for a minute.

If he’s already terrible in high level competitive play there shouldn’t be a drama nerfing him in the casual games where he can dominate so easily then. As no one would be using him competitively, and he takes the fun out of the game for opponents in casual games by having a toolkit which makes it too easy to get kills.

It’s the knockup + silence + possible snare + massive damage that make him so annoying. When you’re almost instantly dying to him, there’s no chance to escape and all his tools make it easy for him to avoid damage, while hard for everyone else to put up the most minimal defense. No one likes losing control of their character for that period (knock-up + silence) only to die before they can realistically do anything. Especially since a melee while in the air won’t knock him back due to the angle problems.

Or you could just play intelligently and significantly reduce the number of times you die to him.

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I’m willing to bet money that Rath is getting a rework in the next update. hopefully they fix some of his bad helix options if they’re gonna nerf his ult.

Lets see:
Miko stun spore
Montana dash
Boldur dash
El dragon splash during his ult
Isic stun dash
Orendis pushback
Deande pop-up
Attikus pounce
Ambras solar wind with pushback
Tobys stun mine
Phoebe teleport
Kelvin stun
Whiskeys pushback

Thats 21 characters that i can think of who can escape or cancel his ultimate

Characters who will have trouble
Oscar mike

So it seems actually most characters have an escape against his ultimate or can help an ally get out of it.

Actually after thinking some more
Kleese can double jump after the pop up and float away
Thorn can take increased jump height and jump over rath after the pop up
Marquis can slow bubble and quick melee into running away
Oscar mike and reyna are really the only characters who can do very little besides run away.

You would lose that bet. Watching the stream today, Gearbox said Rath is “perfectly fine.” He is the top damage dealer and top killer according to their internal data. He’ll get some minor quality-of-life changes, but they like him just the way he is.

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Yeah, he appears to be the baseline. Plot twist for me lol.