When is Rath getting fixed?

If only Rath had a silence, he could counter most of those counters.


and a slow you forgot that

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MAYBE you missed this part, i’m giving you the benefit of the doubt that you didn’t know you can actaully assist your team mates when Rath is attacking them. Yes 1 on 1 Rath should win, but this is a team game and you should have at least 1 team member around you unless you are lone wolfing and trying to take on the entire team. Pay attention to your mini-map and if you see Rath attacking a team mate how about you help them out with one of the myriad of skills or abilities in the game, you shouldn’t be 1-v-1 Rath unless you get the jump on him anyway and if you do you should be able to kill him or make him retreat.

Oscar mike can easily 1v1 rath using this little known ability called bullets and sometimes you may also need to drop a frag grenade between you and him to discourage a melee attacker from attacking, or just stand on it to kill him faster. As far as reyna goes her ult knocks all nearby enemies away which I believe also counts as cc to knock rath out of his ult. In my opinion rath is actually a very weak character and the only kills I see him get is on very injured characters or people that are new to the game.

Nice I play Reyna and didn’t know that her Ult stops Rath’s I thought it just pushed him back. The pushback is wonky though sometimes it pushes sometimes it doesn’t (Which is why I listed her as having trouble). Oscar mike really should never be engaged by Rath just because when rath does pop-up into ult Oscar mike will die most of the time. But from my experience as Rath good oscar mikes keep their distance, and normally only get killed when Rath sneaks up on them or they are way way out of position. My point still stands that most of (or really every single character in the game, given your extra points) can do something to help themselves or a teammate escape Rath’s Ult. But most of the time people just run and think for themselves in this game.

Most people are forgetting that Rath players have a brain too. If I’m playing Rath I’m knocking up/ulting the character that counters me so they can’t pull me out of my ult.


So you are knocking up and ulting the entire team every time? Cool beans bro but honestly there should still probably be 2-3 characters on the team that can interrupt you as rath. I play as him and against him, Team work can shut him down, and if they can make it to where Rath can’t get someone by themselves he will have no to little impact on the game. It’s those lone wolf people that Rath can kill any time any place and that is his job, he should win most 1-v-1 characters in the game with his combo, that is what he is meant to be.

Like really man I have stated this three times already, Every character in the game can either help themselves get out of his ult or A TEAM MATE CAN HELP PEOPLE ESCAPE WITH THEIR SKILLS.

No they can’t very few characters can get away themselves.

And yeah, sure. With a teammates help, MAYBE somebody can escape. But seeing as how Rath is doing over 1000 damage in a couple of seconds it’s a pretty small window.

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So all you need is more players then are on the other team? Cause you seem to be arguing that it’s balanced for it two take at least two characters to beat one. If two of us are busy trying to survive Rath, that kinda leaves the other three to deal with the four others on Raths team. And what if someone helps Rath?

Rath is over powered. Which I’m OK with cause he’s also really dull to play.

Nit really a small window and raths pop up has a very distinct sound, as soon as you hear it (which would be before he even ultimates) maybe try turning to the sound and help a team mate out. It should give you a bigger window to react. If you hear that sound and ignore it, you lose your window.

Yes, a really small window. Most people aren’t just sitting around waiting to gank Rath. He has teammates and minions, too. You can’t use the fact that two people can suppress one as a counter-argument.

His Smash also interrupts your skills, so there’s that, too. I know that there have been plenty of times where I’m playing as Mellka and see him barreling towards me and hit my spike, only to be hit by his smash before the animation finishes and have my Spike go into cooldown without actually being used. It’s even worse for skills that have to be aimed first.

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I disagree with him being overpowered, he has a role (punish placement and anyone that isnt another assassin when they are alone). Really any assassin vs assassin it comes down to who hits first. Raths usually run around by themselves to flank. But hey he will get a few nerfs anyway because the other characters are getting wound which would resuce his healing, as well as health buffs and the attack speed and attack damage gear being nerfed. So we will have to see where he stands after the patch.

Honestly man, idc i have played Rath in competitive matches and know how bad he is because of the team work used in there. You just dont use him in competitive play unless your team builds around him and even then there are better carries for competitive than rath. I am just saying from my experience playing as rath and against him, team work just shuts him down hard because few mistakes mean few oppurtunities. But hey everyone fighting rath cant dodge his moves or they forget to use their abilities or they cant help a team mate. Sounds like rath players are the only ones with brains.

I have never ever in my entire time, while playing any character have had a Rath on the other team that had killed me so many times or just dominated the game that would make him seem op. But i do play rath, my now second most played character because i saw everyone complain about him and I had never had that experience, second week playing him. From my experience people die to me as rath because they are not playing in areas suited for their character, thats the number one way to get kills as rath. Dont fight on your enemies side of the map without team mates. if you push too far and you fight rath near his buildables you are going to die. But if you fight near your own buildables when on your side of the map or fight near team mates when you are on your opponents side of the map, rath will have trouble killing you.

It’s not so much that he can 1v1 players out of position, it’s how easy it is compared to other assassins I think.

But you guys are saying that it is easy because he has to activate one skill then the other and then his ultimate. But here, el dragon can activate his ult, body slam which stuns then melee them to death. That is just as easy. Another galilea has to throw her shield, then she melees, after the stun is over she can use her pull and then kill, that is easy to do too. ■■■■, montana just has to slam you into a wall walk forward and shoot to keep you against the wall, and that is just one skill. I dont get it, ohmy god rath hits with his skills and get a kill, but wait cant other characters also hit with all or even less than all their skills and get a kill?

I agree man. My argument against Rath is simply ease of use, and it’s really not that much of an argument tbh. 2000 damage in 2 seconds is obnoxious, Only comparable to El dragon in my experience, but you can silence el dragon when you see him coming. A good Rath will silence you before you see him coming.

I really don’t have a problem with Rath, but there is very limited counter play for the character he silences/slows/ults and it’s not like he’s going to miss his ult. similar to orendi’s level 10 mutation. Not much skill or counter play to it.

I roll with a team so I don’t have a problem with it but I can understand solo casual players complaints bc if you are the one he’s after and don’t have back up you’re screwed. I think if anything needed to be changed its the silence but either way not a big deal to me personally.

Yea but you cant really use rath but one way, unless you pick his stun is all im saying. He does one thing, and that is his only real strategy nerfing what he does will make him useless if he cant kill almost all characters with his skills 1-v-1 rath will have no place in this game