When is splitscreen going to be fixed?

I’m trying to play with my gf but we cant see or read any of the text let alone enemies not up close? can you please fix it? it’s hard enough getting her to game with me without these issues. Dont ruin my fav series and my time with my gf playing it anymore


Have you opened a support ticket with 2K/GBX on their support site? Because the forums is probably not a good place to report and/or track bugs.

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They told us to go to the forum!!???


Ignore that advice and keep hammering at them via email. I’ve reported MANY issues and the one thing all the issues have in common is that the 2k front line support staff tries their damnedest to get me to drop the issue so it doesn’t make its way back to the devs. I understand why they do it. It’s to filter out the signal from the noise. But you have a legit issue so keep hammering at them. Ask for a supervisor even. Now you aren’t just going to get the bug fixed next day but if you can get someone engaged then you can periodically check the progress of your issue.

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It’s boilerplate text on every auto-reply for every game. It’s there because some things reported as bugs are not necessarily bugs and can be quickly cleared up by community members (important if the support desk is being swamped with tickets at the time.) Other things may already have been addressed and solutions/work-arounds be on the forums, but folks might not have come here first. :man_shrugging:

With the most recent issue I reported they came back and tried to tell me that I needed to update my monitor’s firmware. But my monitor had the latest firmware so I could take a picture of the firmware version to show that it had nothing to do with the firmware. I also then linked back to posts on these forums where ppl with different hardware are having the same issue. That finally convinced 2K to move it up the chain. Here is the email the sent me. The point being be persistent but polite. Good luck.

Hello Studdugie,

Thank you for getting back to us, and with all the needed information too!

With all this, I was able to send your ticket so that our office CL4P-TPs can process your issue! In the meantime, do enjoy being a badass on Pandora, we will be in touch soon!

If there’s anything else, please let us know.

Best regards to a fellow Vault Hunter,

2K Mando
Customer Support
2K Games

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Splitscreen has sooooo many issues. Text size and lag being the two biggest offenders. Also there’s no mission indicators on second screen, Boss health doesn’t show on second screen, and many other things only show up on the player one screen. Really hinders the couch co-op experience.

I know I’ve put in tickets and followed up with them. There are many various threads in these forums about these issues as well. Most of whom have also put in tickets. We’ve been told the text size is being looked at but it is not an easy fix. However they refuse to speak on any of the other splitscreen issues.


Why I’m here I may as well write my usual post that doesn’t get me a warning from the mods.

We’ve still not played the game from release date, the game is now selling at less than half price, our copy has just been sat gathering dust. Still no word on couch co-op being playable any time soon ect ect

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several. I either never get a reply or dont get any help. They just say “it’s being looked into” at best or blame something unrelated at worst

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Mise à jour par : Ognjen K., 12 janv. 01:49 PST:

Hey Laportedave,

Firstly, I would like to apologize for the slight delay in my response, we have been experiencing a larger volume of tickets recently and we want to make sure to provide our players with the best possible service in the shortest amount of time. I truly appreciate your cooperation!

Thank you so much for reaching out with your suggestion! A vertical split screen is a feature that has been requested by many of our players, yourself included. Unfortunately, at this particular time we don’t have any information regarding the vertical split-screen option being used in the game by the developers themselves, but hopefully, we will see it soon in the future!


Never probably, they seem to ignore it with each patch.

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