When is Tales from the Borderlands in the storyline?

(Zombie) #1

Im watching Tales from thge Borderlands episode 5 and im wondering when is Tales in the borderlands in the storyline?? like after BL2 or TPS or Before TPS or BL2 I have no idea! and also im onl 35 minutes in so PLEASE dont do spoilers I just want to know when is Tales from the borderlands in the Storyline???

(AKA Scruffy the Janitor) #2

It’s set a little while after Borderlands 2.

(Zombie) #3

Thank you!! I was thinking that since I seen Helios in Borderlands 2 but in TTFTBs (SPOILERS) Helios get crashed into Pandora

(Dunks6666) #4

The Timeline is:

Borderlands 1 and its DLC
Borderlands TPS and its DLC
Borderlands 2
TFTBL episodes 1-3
Athena is captured by Lilith and she is interrogated at this point
TFTBL episodes 4-5, Athena goes free.

Based in the fact everyone still hates Hyperion, but seeing Axon and Gaige returning from a new vault new world at the same time Athena is telling her story in TPS DLC, we can assume TFTBL is set only a few years after BL2, possible two years at the max. I think it is about a year since BL2 and Tales, and Tales lasts about 2 months or so.

(Zombie) #5

Thank you for taking the time just to do that! I apprechiate it! :smile:

(Zach) #6

Ya after BL2.

(Kitteh) #7

TFTBL is one or two years after BL2