When is the last time you played a game in the Minimatch queue?

For a while now I’ve been under the impression we’ve had a dead queue and I’ve been frustrated by the lack of effort by Gearbox to improve their queue offerings. Last night, around 8 or 9 PM EST (peak hours), I decided to see if I was missing something by grabbing a team of 3 to queue up for Minimatch. We waited 20 minutes without finding anyone before heading back to Quick Match to find a match in about a minute. It’s frustrating because the current design of Quick Match blatantly disregarded Xbox where Face Off actually won the vote in the old Quick Match just as frequently (if not more frequently) than Meltdown. Whenever Meltdown wins the vote in the current system (which only happens when there’s three Meltdown maps), there’s almost always at least one person that immediately quits. Instead of just sitting on a dead queue, can we please go back to the old QM/Incursion system? I’m burnt out on Incursionborn. This is such a simple fix that would help so much. Obviously Incursion is the most popular mode so this current system is good enough for the Incursion only crowd, but I never had any queue time issues in Quick Match on Xbox when Incursion wasn’t a part of it so there’s clearly interest in the other modes. You don’t have to only cater to one group, you can appeal to far more people than you are now. I know a lot of people who have quit over the current queue system, I’d rather not join them but if Gearbox continues to neglect such an easy issue to fix I may have no other choice. I’ve spoken to a few of them who said they figured they’d be back in a few weeks when the queues got sorted out, but astonishingly we’re still sitting on a dead Minimatch queue. I don’t know if it’s a prideful refusal to admit the Minimatch queue was a failure, a symptom of the general neglect for the current state of the game, or something else but it’s absolutely ridiculous the queue still remains. Please fix this, Gearbox.


I like supercharge. I think the mode is fun and tge map are stunning. However i cant find a game in that queue unless me and my budies purpousfully fill the queue to get challenges done. That said I havnt played any in about a month.


Copy what jaykay and Nemo stated. I solo a lot, and nowadays, finding a 3 vs 3 even on PS4 is mission: imposs …


Don’t like 3v3?

Well, go to the secret Project 1v1 for all your shopping needs!

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Most people i know treated mini match like a gimmick mode comparable to tank yankers or rocket brawl. They played it a few times when it was released but never touched it again afterwards.

And I can understand that, even though the maps are stunning, 50% of the time you dont get to paly them and instead play another mode 3vs3. And the rest of the time you get awesome Attikus vs Attikus games.

Rocket Brawl: 3 days in a row I was in the queue, resulting in 0 (zero) matches found (@Ashbweh, u remember?)


PC matchmaking simulator 2017!

I wouldn’t really be against scrapping mini match. Maybe enable challenge progress for private games in Supercharge then? Blocking it to avoid cheating when it seems like the only way to get into it is coordinating a session with friends is a moot point.

Even PC might benefit from an Incursion queue to avoid Echelon a bit better and it doesn’t really matter if the alternative is an empty 3v3 or 5v5 queue. But please don’t make only a queue on PC that has the chance to force you into Capture and Face Off, this didn’t work and made many people angry. :frowning:

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This^. I am seeing my usual Battlebuddies drop the game at an alarming rate, and all because the Incursion-only pre-mades force you to play Incursion 80+% of the time in Quick Match, and both Capture and Face-off still sit in a queue that you wait 20+ minutes in (with only TWO friends…) just to be forced to play 3v3 Incursion, or Supercharge. These queues NEED to go, or i doubt there will be half as many players on PS4 as there currently are, in another month. PLEASE, Gearbox!


The problem with removing 3v3 queue is what then do we do with this brand new node that is specifically 3v3?


Make it 5v5; THAT’D be hectic and interesting! I’d still play it more than Face-Off too! I just can’t with how mini-match is currently going, because it is a barren wasteland…


Might be a stupid question, but now that bb is somewhat f2p, why dont we all drop by at pc once in a while for some casual privates to ease you guys lives a bit?


I played two matches about two weeks ago, with pretty short wait times (under 10 minutes)

Tried again yesterday. After about 20 mins of waiting I switched over to 5v5.

I’ve probably played less than 15 matches total in the 3v3 que


I actually tried this :grin:

Unfortunately my PC cannot run the game well enough for enjoyable play

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It feels sort of lazy that they regressed back to all three platforms having the same queue setup. It’s obvious needs are different per platform.

Some people, including the devs apparently, seem to think Incursion is the only part of the game that anyone wants to play but I think we can look at the activity on console in the old quick match without Incursion to see that clearly isn’t the case.

Bring it in once a week or so as an event queue like solo/duo used to be. It’d actually probably get played more as an event queue, it serves no benefit in its current form if nobody can get a match anyway.


I mean, on one hand I understand why GBX would be hesitant to remove the queue given all the hard work they put into making the 3v3 modes and maps…

But a new game mode isn’t what the game needed, especially one that can’t be pooled with the 5v5 gamemodes.


…Never. Hate PvP in this game.


Well, the needs are basically the same: A stable population to bring back gamemode choice or a multiqueue of some sorts (e.g., select what you’d like to play and the mode in your selection which gets you a match first will be played - vote for map then).

The situation on PC is bad enough that it doesn’t really matter what’s offered, so it can be synchronized with consoles and what I’ve seen all over the place is:

  • People want an only Incursion option (some with, some without draft)
  • People want a no Incursion option.

Most of PC is happy with the first option (when it’s not as bad that we only have private games …), others seem to be happy to at least get into something.

What I’d like to see is Bots Battle opened up for <20 players and I wished we had a solo queue with random teams (and no automatic requeueing after each match, to discourage people from stacking with friends by dodging) when people came out of novice queues in “masses” (too late now probably).

Thanks for the offer, but I don’t really know if it’s worth the effort. I haven’t played PvP for a week now. Tried it for the last time on monday and my 4 teammates I found as solo queuer as well as two friends of mine on another team seemed to be the only people who wanted to play in the hour I’ve waited for a game. The frequency of 10 stacks also went down pretty much.

I have a sliver of hope left that the new 1v1 game might get a crossplay feature and that the backend of it is similar enough to Battleborn that it gets implemented here too. No one had to switch platform then and lose every progress by doing so.


Minimatch sucks. It is the Attikus and Boldur stomp show. Why would I wait in the queue only to prove yet again how ridiculously broken they are, because neither of them can be stopped by only three people?


Boulder can barely be stopped by 5 lol

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While not quite burnt out, I feel similarly.

In the same sense, I’m getting tired of dodges. Especially when Meltdown is selected.

I even did this a while back, which sadly describes a large portion of the Battleborn PvP experience for me;