When is the next episode?

Does somebody know when the next episode gets released?

between May 26th and June 2nd, 2015 is what I get from googling it. perty big cliffhanger from ep.2 is trolly to the max tho

I have found that site to but they have already edited the release date twice so i wanted to ask if someone knew a more reliable source. But still thanks for the trouble

No, TT has been keeping their trap shut. The only thing they have been telling is are references that will be in the game. It is rather annoying.

I’d say mid June or early July. It’s not their #1 priority, since they’re making more money off game of thrones.

The release date is Tuesday, June 23rd

darn, now I only have 12 days to decide which Headhunter pack to axe to play it. (I has an old 20GB 360 that’s literally just borderlands content.)

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