When is the Next event?

The DLC is ok. But i liked the events they are way better then any of the DLCs IMO. But so far im getting bored of the game already. The events are fun an had me wanting to play. As of now i feel like they money for the DLCs are a waste of money. Only good thing to come out of them was the raising of the lvl cap. Say what u want but that is my opinion. So when are we expecting to see a new event?

I’m the exact opposite. I’ve loved every dlc and the events ruin the game for me. They are boring, beta testing in disguise offering limited time weapons with now real good rewards or content and usually offer game breaking features or gear that monopolize the meta instead of enhancing it.

I’ll take dlc and takedowns over events any day and wish events would just go away.


Hopefully not for a while.

I’d personally be happy if the next event we saw was late August/early September as some kind of birthday celebration for the game (if they felt the need to continue with these events)

Timed content is all well and good, until it causes a schism in the community where people who aren’t tied up with busy workloads can enjoy it, but those who don’t have that luxury get annoyed at feeling ignored and marginalised.

I’d rather the events have been handled as the Borderlands 2 headhunters honestly. Release them, give buffed rates to the drops/spawn chances/cosmetics etc. during their “seasonal time” then bring them in line with the rest outside of that.

I’m getting off-topic though, we’ve had no date given for the next event, nor what it is to even guess when it’ll be.


I’d like if we had another DAILY rotation of “Loot the Universe”. Like, just 1 week of me knowing where to go to farm a specific type of gear in order to repopulate the bank.

But I also wouldn’t mind having no events until after the next Level cap increase.