When is the next map coming out?

I obv meant 3 maps for mode -_-

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Eh, in spite of the Sentry thing I still like Echelon.

I’ve heard rumours that Supercharge is going to involve the Capture maps. It’s icon on the stats screen does look like a Minion held over a point collector…

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brehs not capture maps again -_-

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Eh. I’ve a hunch it’s going to be on Meltdown maps, personally. It’s icon features a Shepherd minion which is largely featured in Meltdown.


I hope its a mix between incursion and meltdown. I would put a spot in the middle of the map, first team to capture the spot gets first minion to escort. They have to escort this 1 minion down 1 lane. If they lose the minion the other team gets a shot. The minion gets stronger each time. Back and forth until 1 team wins.

But it would have to be 5 vs 5. Or 3 vs3 defensive team would be only able to buy turrents and such.

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Interestingly, the shepherd minion is also largely featured on incursion as well

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1 new Map for every PVO mode and 3 brand new maos for Supercharge, please!

Probably a pipe dream!

I would LOVE for the no preference option to be replaced with a 4th map choice!