When is the patch coming out?

it is literally unplayable now no matter what settings i put, from the highest to lowest, it works like crap, playing alone i can say its still somewhat playable with the ideal being 60 fps and in fights being around 40 fps, but as soon as my friends join in with me the game starts to work far far worse, have to play with them in 20 fps, and i tried everything possible with the settings and i see no difference

please tell us when is the patch coming out because it is literally unplayable right now

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In my experience, Gearbox tend to not say much at all before they are absolutely sure that they have a fix in place that doesn’t break anything else, that is deliverable, and that works, and that they have the resources to dedicate to it. They don’t like to give info that isn’t accurate.

ironic if you count how they delivered the version 1.0.0, very deliverable and that works…

Would you prefer that they produce a patch that doesn’t get certified by Microsoft or Sony?

i would prefer to hold on with releasing the game and releasing it when it is working properly without the need to patch too much

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I’m sure that gearbox feel the same way.

i dont understand too much in the game industry, but if the game works like crap and they know about it, why did they release it? is it 2k fault?

No-one at gearbox wants anyone to not be enjoying their game.

I don’t know much about release schedule but they do announce these dates well ahead of when the game is technically finished. Gearbox have to estimate how long it will take, and I guess they’d always want more time.

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We as players need a little communication and transparency… A simple “We hear you, we are aware of these issues and working on fixing things” is what I’m asking for. From gearbox side. It doesn’t take much time or resources to do something like that.


I think I just got a patch… can’t find any info on it.

A simple post explaining this would be fine - if it came from gearbox. That’s key… it needs to come from gearbox. They don’t need to give a fix date they just need to acknowledge problems and confirm they are working on it.

Surely some of the mods here has a line of contact with gearbox - can this not be explained to gearbox? Just some simple, short communication would go a long way.


I have already suggested it to the community manager, but that might not lead to a change in policy. We don’t have much contact with the devs directly, and they don’t necessarily have oversight on publicity, which I believe this would be categorised as.

Well, I tend to agree, but they have previously been dragged over the coals when intended fixes weren’t achievable.

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Actual patch through EGS (assuming you’re on pc) or one of those “game update is ready, return to the main menu” type deals?

I really hope the FPS issues on PC are fixed ASAP…My friends don’t seem to be having the same problems I am and are playing without me! So sad and dissappointing…

Not a patch announcement, but you can infer what they might be working on.